Helping Her Majesty's Navy


To the Adventurers of The Hollow (and other places):
For a long time now, pirates on the seas have been a threat not only to commerce, but the harvest that ensures the survival of Eire's subjects. I'm afraid that now, especially during the transfer of control of the harvest from the Baronies to the Crown and with the aid and supplies being sent to Thelucia, that we will see a lot more greedy or desperate people trying to take advantage of the situation. In order to stop current pirates and discourage would-be pirates from joining them, I will start an aggressive campaign against piracy, and would like to invite members of the adventuring community to join me. You don't have to have your own ship if you want to help me, but it would be great if people with their own ships could join me. If you want to help, come find me at the dock or send missive to me ((zack.okeefe(at)comcast(dot)net)). I encourage other loyal captains in Eire's fleet to join me in this campaign, and hopefully we can stamp out any current and future piracy on Eire's seas!
~Captain Caillen Taggert of the Salvation