Her Imperial Eminence Aine Rynnsgard cordially invites you!


Wyoming Staff
Settlers, Explorers, Adventurers, and Freeblades of the Taldref Empire!

Her Imperial Eminence Aine Rynnsgard cordially invites you to board her grand airship Miren's Fury and journey to the very heart of the untamed Periphery. In the town of Port Elry you'll be free to carve out your own destiny, be that finding your fortune in the ruins, striking a black salt claim, or opening a business and settling a family.

Boarding will begin at Hexingford Skyport at 3 bells in the afternoon on the 16th of October 821, and the journey will take approximately 6 hours. During this time guests will be treated to a meal and amusements. Please note that while many of you will require weapons in your new home the use of them and offensive magics upon Her Eminence's airship is prohibited and will be dealt with swiftly.

Speaker of the Imperial Seat,

Thurston MacDurrin