Here ye!


Let it be known Amarathis defeated the Paladin who insulted us and our lands. I myself did not witness the duel but I was told Amaranthis healed the Paladin and would except an apology with many of us present. The Paladin held chest up high and took his death instead in silence without an apology to his insult. Though his resurrection serves the same purpose in my opinion.
Bravo Amaranthis.

Commander Ithica
Warlord of Tusnia

What is this all about?

Paladin Norhelm


A slightly long story, Paladin, and perhaps best suited in person -- unless you wish to consult Paladin Crowe, who graced us with his presence through the mists.

- Ria Sevaria


Paladin Norhelm,
It is about a matter of duty and hornor. And about the qualities and integrity of Lord Amaranthas. In Icenia their is some civil unrest, the Paladin High Council and Duke Kendrick are not on the best of terms. There was a stripping of title from the Paladin council upon one of the Dukes Barons. When people came to the aid in this realm of communication to defend the Baron who was stripped of titles, the Paladin who did the stripping of title; Sir Balloch. Through a pretty harsh slander and desecrating remark towards the people and heroes and nobility of our lands here. Amaranthas challenged him to an honor duel to the Resurrection for his remarks. And as I said earlier Amaranthas prevailed, and prevailed in very honorable, upstanding, and dignified way. Even offering the Paladin a chance to a apologize.
As Ria said many of us were in attendance to witness the duel including Paladin Crowe. If you require any other information on the matter please let me know.

Commander, Ithica

Follow me if i advance, Kill me if i retreat, Avenge me if i Die.

Thank you for filling me in on the matter. I would expect no less from him.

Paladin Norhelm
If I make the next gather, I'll be glad to tell you all about it. Things in Icenia are in a difficult transition.
Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer
Royal Knight of Brittington
Former Lord of Stoneroost