High Mage Kainen of House Sunderdragon

Air Raksa

You have my gratitude for coming to the defense of Trellheim and enduring Icenia's time of Candledark. You set an example for how a citizen race ritually Spirit-Stored into a Major Construct is supposed to behave inside of civilized lands. House Sunderdragon and the Royal Arcanum should be proud to have a warrior and a scholar as fine as you have proven yourself to be. I look forward to the next time the Flux Tempris deems me necessary to assist your Good Kingdom and People of Caldaria once more.

We have struck another blow against the forces of evil, my shining-friend from across the mists. I salute you and wish you good-hunting wherever your war-path against evil takes you.

"Rock of Trellheim"
Squire-Sergeant Ignatius Skippio Vex
Legion D, the Untiring Phalanx


Squire-Sergeant Ignatius Skippio Vex,

It does not surprise me that Mage Kainen continues to fight with Valor and Honor. It warms my heart to hear that he was able to come to your aid. One day soon I hope to rejoin my former apprentice on his adventures through the mist. The Royal Arcanum is certainly very proud to count Kainen among our ranks, and of course you are always welcome by our side in battle or to share a meal.

Till such a time when we can meet may your travels keep you safe.

In Service,

Varen Kinkade-Ebonglade
Soldier 1st Class Second Royal Rangers
High-Mage of the Royal Arcanum


Squire-Sergeant Ignatius,
Thank you for your kind words, I will do my best to make sure I deserve them. I did however abscond with an item that you lent to me, I did not mean to do so and will try contacting you privately about its return.

It was my honor to fight alongside yourself, the Vex Squad of Legion D, House Black Forest, Lady Paladin Azura, Wizard Ren Suzume, Baron Rori, Dame Daralassia and the rest of the Ash Forest. When the opportunity presents itself I will gladly do so again.

I wish all of you good fortune, and safe travels.


I was honored to accompany you to depose the Terror being that tried to Obliterate Ren and myself. Being in a powerful golem-body is a great form of protection. Should you ever be without it my healing will be there for you.

Walk softly on the Earth,
Gyps, Life-keeper