Highlights from August 9 - 11


It felt so good to be back with the SoMi family last weekend! even though I ended up having to cut my stay in Kalinthas short. (Note to self - strictly stick to taking a break from noon to 2pm in the future.) I'm already looking forward to the next two events and seeing you all again soon.

Great moments from my recollections:

1) Continuing to get to know the "old hands" better in casual non-combat roleplay, such as spending time in the kitchen chatting with Lukas and Collette and Jotai, but also meeting people that were new to Ilarion like Jake and Tolib and Shen. Especially getting caught up in Jake's excitement and hitting multiple contracts.

2) Damn late night crunchies xDD I had just told Tolib an hour beforehand something to the effect of "I always keep my dagger within arm's reach of my sleeping bag because of that one time my friends thought I was a bandit and almost killed me", but when the shadowthings emerged I just thought "f*** it I'm too tired" and stayed in bed played the elemental game. Even when Tolib gently tapped me and asked, "Do you want to fight these?" I think I muttered "Not if I have the choice" and fell under again. All of which is to say, thank you to plot teams in both our settings for allowing the elemental game / letting sleeping selunari lie.

3) The in-game moment when Zane and Ilarion realised that Ilarion's familiarity with the All-Fauna made him a... decent?... candidate for participating in the ritual magic at the stump. And also getting to meditate in-game, which was familiar and relaxing other than my poor choice of positioning and my left leg going entirely numb xDD

4) The Fear carrier. Sorry I missed the second call, Baylan.

5) I mentioned on Discord that this was the first time Ilarion was able to properly utilise his taming kit, which made me so happy after a year of carrying it around for "no reason" :D and it was especially funny to watch Baylan's (and Dave's) face as I pulled out not only a pinecone with essential oils to serve as smelling salts, and food to try and feed the unconscious cat, and twine to tie it up, but also matches and dry wood and cedar leaves so I could light the body on fire.