Home Guard Barracks - Capital

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Laurent is confident that orders are being followed and has run a steady trot to the Home Guard's barracks.

He heads straight for the duty officer's room and knocks. "Justeau, Zergeant, Reporting vrom Parson's Breach."

He waits patiently, adjusting his uniform as best is possible. The blood will just have to stay as badges of duty in the mean. ;)
Colonel Alexander Stormcrest and his patrol of five soldiers slowly rode up towards Calanhelm. For three days, Alexander had been leading this group on patrol south of the Capitol City, meeting with Noble dignitaries, listening to the complaints of several petty squabbles from citizens both noble and common, and speaking with agents of the King at each locale to gather more news from the Eastern territories.

In the distance a horse and rider came bursting from the city's south gate like a blast of fire, angling down the road and making a beeline for the Home Guard Patrol.

"Methinks there's dire news, Colonel," his second remarked, to which the Colonel nodded his agreement and spurred his horse forward at a trot.

The messenger arrived quickly, and within moments the entire group was racing to the city, a trumpet blaring a clear path in front of them.

Arriving at the main Barracks, the Colonel did not wait for his horse to come to a complete stop before he was off and running towards the steps. A young page took the reins from each rider and led the horses to the barracks fountain for a drink.

Alexander took a few minutes to speak with Commander Duncan, getting filled in on all the news coming from Parson's Breach. He turned to the barracks parade ground and bellowed for all to hear. Most of the Guard were still, at attention, waiting for the news to spread to the lower ranks, and wondering what their next set of orders would be.

Alexander seemed angry as he shouted. "Home Guard! Scramble to each corner of the City. Have all members of the Guard report to the parade grounds in full combat readiness in thirty minutes! I don't care what they are doing, get them here. All Leaves of Absence are hereby cancelled, and all troops are to be recalled immediately.

"Many of you may already know this....a veil of darkness rises in the East, and we are needed there. But what you may not know, is that four days previous, the King fell when we lost Parson's Breach."

Alexander looked around the crowd, seeing shock and concern on their faces. He didn't have time for this.

"Move! That is an order! About your business!"

The courtyard burst into activity, as everyone scrambled. Alexander knew that his bold announcement would cause ripples in the Nobility to stir, and the rumour mill in every household and tavern to buzz brightly. He didn't care. Politics, rumour and conjecture were someone else's game: he was a man of action.

"Duncan!" he called, and the Commander quickly ran close. "Take Theerin and Kilroy, get your gear then have your horses to the Mage Quarter to have the March of the Untiring ritual cast on you all. The Guard will cover the costs. Get to the Breach, scout it out, and report back. Do not engage, but scout only, understand? You have six days, before which time I expect a full report. Go!"

Commander Duncan saluted, then sped off on his assigned duty.

The Colonel found a young recruit standing idly nearby. "You! Get off your butt and do something useful for me. Find every member of the Home Guard that survived the retreat from Parson's Breach, and have them find me here at the central Barracks. Double time, soldier!"

The green recruit sped away with wide eyes to give the announcement to a nearby Crier, and then ran to the Portal to seek out the refugees from Parson's Breach.

Alexander growled, wanting to slay something. A name kept rolling around in his mind...Kara Vale. "A gold coin to the one who brings that bitches head to me." He stormed off, barking more orders throughout the Barracks.
Just then a messenger runs into up to the Colonel. Out of breath he says. "Message for you from Guildmistress Zanthia." and holds up a scroll bearing the seal of the Fatespinner. "It is protected, only you can open it."
Alexander examines the note a moment and then tears it open.

<PM sent>
The Colonel walks to a nearby torch, ignites the note and then tosses it into a nearby hearth. He sits down to write his own message, and when finished pays a small boy a copper to see it to the Fatespinners hands.
Laurent heard all the clamour outside, and the welcome voice of the returning Colonel.

He noted the duty officer had still not replied. "Vuckin' sloopy." He sees the scurrying around of preparations now and grabs the nearest private he can.

"Zou. Kindly invorm zee Colonel zay Sergeant Justeau from Parson's Breach is here and has just wasted TWO VUCKIN' HOURS waiting for the duty officer ZHO IS NOT AT HIS VUCKIN POST!!!" Laurent's evil grin can be seen up and down the hallway, and flames float up and down his hand, a Dragon's Growl coming from his throat.

Laurent resumes his wait at the duty officer's room. "Not ze legions..." he is heard muttering.
Before he can even make it to the City proper, A guardsmen spies ol' Aengus making his way to the City gates. "Where do you think your going Militamen! The Colonial has ordered all Home Guard to the Grounds! STEP LIVLY!" he barks, as Aengus approches. "Next time ye bark a' me, boy, I'll take tha' pretty lill' tabard you have, AND SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR SMOKE PIPE!", The look on Aengus's face is enough to put the Guardsmen in his place, the sight of gore and blood on his armour helped too. "Where is goo' ol' Pretty haired Stormcrest! I have nee' of a word with the lad?"

Before the Guardsmen Can reply, Aengus's ears pick up the shrill cry of old Stormcrest bellowing in the Parade Grounds, "never min' ya, I hear him".

Aengus makes his way out to the parade grounds, attempting to re light his pipe as he moves. Looking up from the pipe, and taking a few puffs, he spies Stormcrest and Musting his Voice Yells out "YOU, SOD! STORMCREST! I HAVE A BONE TO THOW AT YE' ".
Alexander hears from a passing Militiaman that Laurent is waiting for him. Before he can go to speak with the Imperial, another voice catches his ear.


Turning to look Aengus in the eye, he motions him forward, growling his response. "Speak, Aengus, yet I advise you to remember your place. You speak to your superior here, and I will not tolerate any further insolence, regardless of how much you have had to drink. Once you have said your fill, I have words and a bone to pick with you likewise."
Mar strides in sticking too the shadows as he watches the goings on between angus and the colonel "always a show" he wispers looking about for other familiar faces.
Laurent can't help but hear Aengus outside.

He glances up to the hamster and mutters for all to hear "Ducks...surrounded by vuckin' ducks..."

He remains at the Duty Officer post to report.
Aengus Stairs at the willowy man in front of him. "Superior? Who's Superior? Who was the one tha' Escorted the poo'er Farmers back to the Outpost while the Orcs w'er on the Road? Who was that One that Gather'd up the Town to track down your corpse? Who'er was the One that Stood watch, ol' the while your glory boy Klanger, was off chaisin' tail in the world!?" Aengus steps back and takes a breath, then leans in to Stormcrest's visons and narrows his eyes "Who fought beside the King an' watched him fall, while that Dog o' man, Az'cain, ordere' us through tha' magic Gate? It was I, and all them other bastards that came through too." Aengus paces back and forth, " mY bone with you, SIR, is Where were YOU? Where was the Great Alexsander Stormcrest when tha' King was die'in? Where were all the's fancy blue boys, when the Kng were out prowlin in tha' woods? WHERE WERE ALL OF YOU?" Aengus Yells at the yard in general.
"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Alexander bellowed.

"You insolent little s***! You have no right, no authority to question me, or any other superior office here! Where was I during this time? Out here, at the KING'S COMMAND! By his order, I had my own work to do. I do NOT need to explain myself to a small-minded braggart like yourself.

"I do not doubt that you have helped farmers, mercenaries, or other citizens of Parson's Breach. But that is supposed to be your sworn duty, not something to flaunt around like your are the only hero in existence. Your ineloquent speech is simply more proof that you are unfit to wear the tabard of the Home Guard."

Reaching to a nearby table, the Colonel pulls out a scroll and unfurls it, reading from it so that all those in earshot can hear. "It comes to my attention, from several sources and my own investigations, that you, Aengus, are accused of the following charges: One, continually speaking down to a superior officer, and showing great disrespect to the Guard in so doing; Two, killing an innocent; and Three, being implicated in several other nefarious dealings in Parson's Breach, including possible thievery, lying, and unruly behaviour not worthy of a Guard. In summary, behaviour very unfitting of a Soldier of the King.

"You are hereby stripped of all title and rank to which your position in the Home Guard had afforded you, as a result of a Dishonourable Discharge. Your tabard is to be removed and returned to the Guard before you leave this parade ground.

"Should you choose to have these charges overturned, you are welcome to submit an appeal to the Commander of the Barracks."

Alexander returned the scroll to the table, then motioned to two Sergeants nearby. "Get him out of my Barracks."

Without another word, the Colonel steps a few paces away and motions for Mar and Laurent to join him at a war table, where several maps and tokens were being laid out to make plans.
Aengus Chuckles softly as Stormcrest reads out the "charges" against him. "HA!" he laughs, when the Sergants move up beside him, "I ne'er wanted ta be in this Guard any how, If it wern't for that damn bet i made with Klanger I would'n have to look at the sight o'ye! Take the Bloody Tabard! and your Title, but see 'ow lives longer when ye' go BACK!". Aengus turns and shoulders through the Sergants as he makes his way to the gate.

He stops brifly as Laurant and Mar come up. "Ge't out now, boy'os, cause there is only Death on that Tabard" he says in passing.

Aengus leaves the Parade Grounds, still smokeing his pipe, with a smile on his lips...
"The Emperor commands und ve shall obey." Laurent watches after the departing clansman and sighs. "You'd svear a geaz on zat poor lad ja."

He musters to the war table and snaps of his drill perfect Imperial salute, "Zergeant Justeau reporting from Parson's Breach zir."

He notes Mar and gives a brief account. "Vay it be noted into zhe veport Private Noman conducted vith honour und valour in defense of zhe Breach, he vas conspicuous in visking hizzelf time und again to vescue fallen comrades. Also Private Mar here provided key covor vire until out of arrows, and then used all his zkills in the vinest tradition to continue to waylay our foes. Private Tess zhould ve noted vore vrisking her life vepeatedly und protect zhis majesty, und had to be directly ordered by his own majesty to obey ze withdraw."

He pauses then continues.

"Conscript Aengus zhould be noted vor alzo repeated vrisking of life zhu not only protect the people of the breach, vhat even thus who would miline him vithout thought to his own zafety."

"Myzelf, I did mein duty. Now my dear Colonel, vhould zhu like to gives uz orderz ve'd LIKE to obey ja? Vithdraw ist nicht a gut vun und ve do notz vhat to get into a habit of it."
Mar joins them "well that was an unexpected turn" he says softly "thank you for your kind words Laurent" mar adds bowing his head slightly then looking over the board and pondering what was too come.
Alexander positions some tokens on the table before him, considering the options of the battle about to come, before speaking.

"A command that you would like to obey, Herr Justeau?"

The Colonel moves a token on the map.

"Once I have a report back from Commander Duncan, and we have a chance to regroup all our forces for the return to the Breach, the command will be simple: re-take the town, or die trying. There will be no retreat. There will be victory, or death.

"Thank you for filling in some details regarding the battle before you were ordered through the Portal. I appreciate both your efforts. Your duty now, before we return, will be to gather your strength and resources, and report to me with any news that will be beneficial to our success in the meantime. I will also look in the Guards Armoury, to see if there is any spare equipment that will aid us. If you have something specific you require, let me know and I will make sure to look while I am in there."
Mar pauses "as always I could use more arrows" he says softly "Other than that I don't know I'm no soldier" mar shifts into a more relaxed position "I'll be staying with the imperials should you need me" he then salutes and turns too leave "for now though I must meet some people in the library" mar bows one last time and leaves headed for the library.
Another messager arrives asking for the Colonel. After being directed, he enters the room and hands Colonel Stormcrest the rolled and sealed parchment.
The Arcane Sanctum page runs into the compound at full speed. He heads towards the duty Sergeant and, after taking a few steadying breaths hands him a scroll case inscribed with the Conclave-Penta of Calanhel's crest. "Message for the Colonel. As far as I know it does not require an answer."

With the short exchange, he begins his run to the Earth Weaver Enclave, another scroll to be delivered.
Laurent studies the war map and notes some of the symbols. He checks a quick "key" and then sees what is there in a broader detail.

"Ah...zhats interesting ja? Zhere's notes vore undead...but I vail to zee Construct zhere." He adds a quick new marker to the map with a raised eyebrow at the Colonel. "By your leave zir, in zhe Empire ve notes "Details can be everything ja??"" He positions the new markers in Parson's Breach. "Zhu vinds not zhust Vampyre, undead und zhess corruptzed creatures, vut our Home Guard vound extensive use of ze Construct by zhis voe." He maneuvers Home Guard markers into place. "Ve taught an old Imperial Tactic und vound it effective. Zurgical use of a "Pin" spell could buy enough time if ze Guard struck vast und hard likez zhe Hammer of Dengar. Zat requirez timing vhich ze defenders of Parson's Breach proved vuick studiez in. Alzo zhe Constructs svung vhit great power, Slaying zhere voes if allowed...howeverz a good Shatter alzo timed vhell dealtz zhis. Az longz againz zhe Guard struck likez zhe Hammer of Dengar."

He pauses and looks at the Colonel. "Good zir, I vould zuggest zhis drill be practiced und implimented by zhe relief vorce. If zhu vish calls zhis zhe Klanger Hammer." Laurent smirks. "Zhat vine corporal vill dezerve zhat honour vor instilling zhat spirit into zhe Home Guard zhere."

Laurent awaits his orders at ease. "Ve zhall obey byz zhour command zir."
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