House of The Clan ofThe Fallen Raven


Calan shuffled into the house and lazily took off his belt hanging it on his bedpost as was custom. He looked down to where his ritual mark had been. He missed it oddly enough. This surprised him since it was a reminder of his failur, a reminder of his death.

he would never know what memories were gone for good, but a flood of memories came back as the mark faded. This made it easier to tell which where his and which were given to him. He looked around the room Jinn was seemingly out for the moment. Calan reaches into his satchel. A letter had arrived for him some time ago but he couldn’t bring himself to read it. But now, now he felt he had to. He recognized the hand writing on the outside his heart ached at the ink scrolled across the parchment.

with a quick motion he slit open the letter with his skinning knife. he carefully pulled out the letter and read it quietly. When finished he folded it up carefully and placed it back into his satchel. He then started to pack a small bag. He would wait till morning to leave of course but he would need to leave none the less and it would be better to travel light.
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A very tired looking Jinn walks up the steps to his home and walks up the steps onto the veranda. Knocking the mud off his boots before walking inside, he stops at the wash basin by the door and splashes water into his face. A few handfuls of water and a spare cloth later his face is clean and he tosses the water out the door, placing the basin back in its spot, boots laid beside it.

He opens the door to his room and as he steps in he see's Calan packing a small bag, their eyes meet as he fully steps in and shuts the door.

"Running away again are we?" He says, his voice quiet and tired. Jinn walks over to his bed and hangs his kimono up on one of the posts, and sits in the chair beside the bed.


Calan visibly less chipper than usual. Pauses what he’s doing. ”no, not running away; just taking a short trip.”
Calan pulls the letter out of his satchel and passes it to Jinn to read.
Jinn gives Calan a worried glance as he takes the letter, quickly reading over its contents. His eyes light up and a smile grows on his face.

"Well I'll be, this is amazing news!" Jinn explains looking up at Calan.

"Also I never knew your name was James, you don't look like a James to me. But this is amazing news you must be so..." Jinn pauses mid sentence, reading Calan's face.

Getting up put of the chair he walks over to Calan, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I realize this much be a shock to you, what with your memories lost and all. But not only is your mother alive, but your sister is as well, and your an uncle three times over!" Jinn pauses again and straightens himself out, putting the letter down on the table.

"This last year has been extreamly hard on you and Rohnan, but this could be exactly what you need. I realize that you had probably forgotten about your mother and sister. What I've been able to piece together about your memory loss was it was only the good memories that were taken. You remembered your mother's death well enough, just like you remembered the nightmare realm, but forgot who Mal and Talon were."

Walking over to his dresser Jinn opens a drawer and rummages around for a minute. He then pulls a small bottles out, filled with a golden liquid. Uncorking it he scoops up two tankard from the table and fills them both.

"This is a time for celebration! My secret stash, my last bottle of New Acarthian mead! To family!" Jinn exclaims, shoving the other tankard into Calan's and cheersing with vigor.

"I can't imagine what's going through your mind right now, and how terrifying it must be to face them after being gone for so long. You can only remember the bad, the lain, and the grief, and that is why you must go see them! As your teacher in the sanctum I literally command you to go see them." Jinn says as a he air quotes command.

"With you only able to remember the bad, you can't realize how happy they will be to see you. This letter alone screams how badly they want to see you, they tracked you down all the way to the lux for fae's sake. Going to see them will build all new happy memories for you, and them. This could even be a way to heal what's happened inside your mind, or at least bring some joy to your world. We are fighting a war for this very shard, and family is what keeps me here. You, the clan, and my offspring. That letter could be the start of what anchor's you here as well."

Jinn takes a deep drink from his tankard, his mouth drying with all the talking he was doing.

"You may feel that you've missed to much to go see them, but I say no! You have missed moments yes, but now is the time to create more. Not only will you see your family, you will get to meet your brother in law and your niece and nephews, and they will get to meet you! Plus we can take bets on if any of them changed races as well." Jinn says with a laugh.

Downing his tankard and refilling it Jinn walks around the room.

"Plus you can not tell me that facing family is more frightening than staring down a nightmare titan, or a vampire lord, or any of the fae lords we've fought!"
Phalaenopsis, having heard Jinn's animated outburst very indistinctly from his room, quietly made his way to listen at the door. He knelt down and pressed his ear to the door, trying to figure out if it was good news or bad.

" uncle three times over!"

He listened intently to the rest of Jinn's speech, suppressing a snort at Jinn "commanding" Calan to leave.


Calan pauses his packing to accept the drink being offered. He smirks at the command. Cheeky as always he thought. He thinks for some time before answering. He had been packing which meant he had already decided he needed to go but it was almost as though Jinn knew his inner most doubts and come up with arguments against his protests before he had the chance to say anything.
“I am filled with a mix of emotions at the moment. I may have protested a little harder had I read the message last week when it arrived but, the ritual mark I received when I passed through the circle faded away earlier this evening and with it a flood of memories came back. I’m not too sure they are all back, but I feel more balanced and at one with myself than I have felt in a long time.”

he takes a gulp of the beverage and a smile crosses his face.

“guess this means I have to be a responsible role model now.” He exhales loudly. “But still a part of me can’t understand why any of them would want to see me after what I’d done. But I suppose it’s not for me to decide what I do or not deserve.”
There was a soft knock at the door and Rohnan stuck her head in. Dark circles were under her eyes. “Oh good your both here.” She said as she entered the room. “Going somewhere Calan?” She asked. Her voice soft.


Calan gestures to jinn to pass the letter over for her to read.

“it would seem I haven’t much a choice. My teacher has commanded I go.”
Calan takes not of Phal on the floor.

“you may as well come in too Phal.”
Jinn hands the letter to Rohnan, and looks at Phal crouched near the door.

"These walls really do have ears... come in everyone, James here is an uncle!"
Phalaenopsis stood up and stepped inside. "Sorry to eavesdrop, just wanted to make sure things were okay, and then it was interesting but seemed like it would be rude to interrupt." he said simply, "And, uh, I suppose congratulations are in order, on both the Uncle part and the name change."
"James was his old name I'm guessing, back when he was a human. But the niece and twin nephews are very new according to the letter."

Jinn lifts the bottle over to Rohnan and shakes it gently. "Want some? Also, before we all get wrapped up in Calan's business, did you need anything? You seemed glad to find us both here."
While reading the letter Rohnan left the room and grabbed a mug, re enterd the room, and held it up to be filled as she looked over the words. “I’m happy for you Calan, or would you prefer James?” She asked.

Looking at Jinn, “I’ve been feeling my own need to take a long walk, I just don’t know if now is really the best time to go.”
Jinn fills Rohnan's mug to the brim, and puts the empty bottle down on the table.

"Well, did your mark fade as well? I assume your long walk involves traveling to another city."
Rohnan carefuly sips from the mug so it’s not so close to spilling over. “Yes, it did. But this gas more to do with my conversation that I had with Romilda and well, I suppose I kinda owe you all an explanation about that.”

Rohnan looked at Calan asking with a look if Phal should also read the letter. With the nod of his head she handed it off to the last person who needed to read it.

Sitting down Rohnan drank deeply rome the mug appreciating the taste. “Oh thats nice. Anyway, when Romilda first came here she called me by an old name. My mother gave me one name and when she went off adventuring my father had changed it to Rohnan. It was an act of rebellion against him that to everyone who wasn‘t my family I went by my first name, Rosanyia.“ Rohnan took a deep drink again. “Anyway apparently when I met Romilda I was still in that phase as that’s the nane she knows me by. But my Mother’s spirit was growing weak and she was heading back to Turrom Falls and I wanted to return home so I went with her. She was killed on the road not too far away from the gates. Set upon by Dark Elf slavers. She died so I would have a chance to get away....” she kinda drifted off for a moment like she was seeing it again in her mind.

Shaking herself back to the present she finished the mug of drink in her hands. “Anyway. That day a part of me died. I stopped using the name that my mother gave me and grew up. Stopped being so reckless and became a mother myself. That last part I had forgotten completely about when my memories were taken. And that’s why I feel the need to leave. I feel guilty like I’ve abandoned my family, but of I leave here now I feel like I would be abandoning my family here, and I honestly just don’t know what to do”. She felt tears start to brim on her eyes but she blinked them away. She refused to cry right now.
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Calan looks about “I was named for my father.” He looked off as his thoughts if the last time he saw his father entered his mind. “No, Calan is fine. James died a long time ago. Calan has been alive much longer. Regardless what I’m called I’m me.”
Jinn listens to Rohnan's story intently, and looks at Calan as he responds.

"Well it seems that you both have a trip ahead of you. Luckily you can take the portals, so that should shave some time off. Now Rohnan, you missed my little pep talk with Calan, but the same will hold true for you. Family is what keeps me going, and to now remember yours is something amazing. You should not feel bad about leaving this place when you have children to go see! Imagine the wonder in their eyes with all the stories you could tell them, the things you've seen and people you've met. We will be able to hold everything together here in your absence, don't worry about us. Life continues on for us, even when we are in the midst of a war. It does not stop and we can not do so either."
Phalaenopsis tensed, just slightly, before opting to sit next to Rohnan. "I don't know if this is at all helpful, but..." he paused, unsure how to best phrase what he meant, "You didn't abandon your family. Your memories of them were taken from you. That is a) not your fault, and b) not something you should feel guilty for. I can say with certainty that I won't feel abandoned if you decide to go visit the family you only just remembered you have. Same goes for Calan; reconnecting with people after however many years, especially when they've reached out to you seeking that reconnection, can be a good thing."

He put a comforting hand on Rohnan's shoulder, and looked at Calan. "You should both already know this, but as long as you're safe, you should do whatever makes you happiest. If that means going back to see your 'first' family, then you should do that. And... if it ultimately means you want to stay with them... Well, you'll have Split Pea and Bell Pepper to keep in touch with us here."

"And for what it's worth... I think Calan suits you better than James."


Calan modded in agreement with the words his kin spoke.
“Rohnan if the last year has taught me anything it’s that the people in this room would move mountains, and kill fae lords or even travel through the mists for one another. There is no abandoning us. No matter how longe we part ways or how far we travel we have each other.” Calan smiles with pride as he look to each of them.
Rohnan looked at Calan, “I feel you on the name change, Rosanyia died when my mother did. Part of me thinks that when Cindra killed us Rohnan did too in more than one way. It might be time to chane my name again soon.... as for leaving, my problem is that I’m not sure if now is the best time to go. I have so much to do with the sanctum. I feel like I’ll end up feeling guilty if I stay and worse if I go. Though I feel that it’s only fair that I have my turn to leave here for a bit. I do trust that you won’t burn the.... never mind I don’t trust that. But I do know that all three of you would be here for me when I return. It’s just hard to leave when I feel like I’m leaving so much undone. And well,” she looked at Jinn and knew that there were all too many things going on with him, “Calan and I aren’t the only ones with personal issues right now.”
Jinn chuckles and smiles. "Don't worry about me, I am looking into getting myself a vision ritual, and will be sending a whispering wind to my daughter to make sure everything is ok. That and I have the arcane sanctum and the earth weavers at my disposal for any reports of active necromancers, so that's where I will be over the next few weeks. You both have a family to go and see, your duties will not be going anywhere, I promise you that. Plus I out rank all of you so... I command it to happen." Jinn waves his hands around for dramatic effect.