House Remmington to Open Ritual Coffers

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Posted around Calanhelm on notice boards and within taverns is a simple and very legible note exclaiming;

House Remmington is planning on constructing an Arcanus University upon their lands and are currently trying to find funding. For this reason they are making many rituals, reagents, catalysts and casters available for purchase as listed below.



Blissful Rest x2

Boost Duration x4

Bound Shards x2

Create Limited Circle of Power x3

Cosmetic Transformation

Circle Lock x2

Destroy Magic x3

Empower Armour

Empowered Wand

Endure Elements

Extend Battle Magic

Expanded Enchantment

Mist Sense x2

Lore x2

March of the Untiring

Mark/Unmark x2

Monster Slayer x2



Permanent Duration x2

Planar Asylum


Race Reaver

Regeneration x2

Seek the Whole x2

Sorcerous Triage

Spell Parry x2

Spell Store x3

Spirit Link

Spirit Store

Spirit Walk

Spell Swap

Store Ability x3

Summon Elemental (Foundation) x2

Summon Extra Planar Creature (Creatures in Difficulty)

Summon Extra Plana Creature (Pantherghast)

Transfer Enchantment x4

Universal Speech x2

Vengeance x4

Vision x3

Whispering Wind x2


Transfer Enchantment

Permanent Duration

Race Change

Italicized Rituals are created with new magics and cannot be guaranteed success (OOG: These are 2.0 rituals)

For inquiries into pricing, reagents, catalysts or ritual casters please contact Siegart Autumn-Walker or Sarryn Remmington.
Not open for further replies.