How can I aid you?


To all those who would be called adventurers in Dragonreach-

We have triumphed over the White Wyrm Bleak and while she is no longer a threat to the lands many different things have sprung up in her wake as our Kingdom makes its way through the first Spring in many years where we do not fear for food stocks.

There are events that draw the concern of the Kingdom and its nobles but I am sure you've found your own concerns. I look forward to assisting all of those who came to the aid of the Kingdom during our troubles. Please let me know what events concern you in our lands or what goals you seek to accomplish and I will do what I can to provide you with information and aid.

If you are one who simply seeks adventure, then by all means seek me out and I will do my best to point you in the direction of tasks that need doing or things that require investigation.

Travel safely,

Sir Mathis of the Order of the Emerald Flame
Knight to his Majesty Lycergis, King of Dragonreach


Cann u caste a Eytem Rekall magik on my wepon. I don wanta luse it agin. I don't have nuthin but guld coyns.


Trog Glanderberry