How does Infection work?


In the Infection section of the rulebook ( ) it says:
" An infected character will remain so even if killed and then given a Life spell. Infection may be removed by various methods depending on the type of infection. The cure may vary based upon the plot of the event, and may possibly be discoverable only through in-game methods. A resurrection will always cure an Infection."

In the Dead section of the rulebook ( ) it says:
" The only effects that survive death are Amnesia, Enslavement, Euphoria, and sometimes a Curse of Transformation or an Infection. "

In the Resurrection section of the rulebook ( ) it says:
" Once a character is resurrected, a character will have his or her maximum Body Points. All remaining effects that were present on the character will be gone (excluding Euphoria, Curse of Transformation and Infection). "

So to summarize:
Resurrection says it never cures Infection. And Infection says it is always cured by Resurrection.
Dead says it sometimes cures Infection, but Infection says Dead never cures Infection.


Based on the RAW, there’s no RAW cure for Infection, and the rules for Infection indicate that the only cure for it is Resurrection, unless other Plot (thus LCO) cures for Infection are present.

From a writing approach, I expect that when the wording for Resurrection was written, an error occurred with a specific interaction with Infection (indicating it survived Resurrection). I would consider the writing around Infection itself to be the true, intended rules.
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