How to die less: a Fun guide and coloring book.


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Look. This is simple.

Stop the solo'ing, stop the dieing- ok? Healing magics and potions dont last forever and not everyone is interested in saving your ***.

Figure out who your freinds are, eh maybe groups of 5-7 or so with good fighters and enough potions or healers or magic weilders to support, and if you DONT have freinds, why do you suck so much that everyone hates you? ...fix that.

Color in the dead soloing adventur-er.

So at this point you have freinds and arent a total waste of air and those really great rolls at the tavern. If you dont have freinds by now please die so that theres more of those left. But if you have figured out that thing called social graces, heres the part where you learn how you work together knowing what you do and what your jobs are and you probably will die less or atleast look like less of an idiot when you do.

Color in the the rolls.

Step 3-Profit

It will waste less stuff, time and effort from other people saving your dumb ***.

Color in the gold coins that didnt get spent on your corpse.