How will the Early adoption events be run>?


HQ Staff

So we are early adopting the new rules because frankly.

They are awesome, everyone else is doing it and its the right thuing to put things in place now so you have a better experience over the course of the year.

We will be going light on a few things.. ie foibles.. if things dont go just right or you flub the cast etc we will be ok. there's going to make mistakes. If deaths happen due to them we will talk about ti and go pretty easy.. Now if you kill your friend to find a hidden earth circle.. yeah that death will count. ( looking at you shark kin). But for the rest of it the focus is story and fun and no pressure. There is a ton to change over. We are the longest running chapter. Be cool with us and we will be just as cool with you. Our goal is a good experience. A great story and to work into some very very healthy changes. I am excited.

any questions reach out to me