HQ's "Something For Everyone" Weapons Drive!

Tom H

Good day fellow LARP enthusiasts! This is your friendly neighborhood Props Master, bringing you an update on things, and lunching a new drive that everyone can participate in.
First of all, I want to take a moment to personally thank all of you who have worked so hard to make this season work. We’ve received nearly one hundred thousand packets, and a little over two hundred garments this season. We quite literally would not have been able to put on the quality of game we have been running, had it not been for your support. Thank you for making everyone’s game better.

Any time you prioritize needs (and I assure you, garb and packets were most definitely a priority), there are other “lower priorities” that get undermanaged. In this case, it is weaponry. Now, we’re not exactly in dire straights yet, but my goal is to keep us from getting there, while maintaining the momentum we’re generating. To that end, I’m announcing our “Something for Everyone” Weapons Drive!

Want to make some quality weapons for baddies? Want the satisfaction of knowing “that guy” got killed by your creation? Well, here’s your chance to earn some sweet rewards for it!

Short Weapons
Claws (no waylay tip please): 200 gobbies
Swords (waylay tip please): 250 gobbies
Axes,Hammers, or Maces (waylay tip please): 300 gobbies

Long Weapons
Claws (no waylay tip please): 350 gobbies
Swords (waylay tip please): 400 gobbies
Axes,Hammers, or Maces (waylay tip please): 450 gobbies

These are base numbers modifiable +/-50 gobbies bases upon style, quality, and durability, as determined by my team.

Polearms/2 Handers are a case by case, “ask me first” situation. They are the hardest to build safely, and the easiest to injure someone with. I’d much prefer you speak with me before building them to donate.

Shields are also an “ask me first”, but for entirely different reasons- factors like handedness and style make it important to keep track of them, while construction methods and materials can vary so widely I’m uncomfortable putting a blanket value on it. Contact me.

I will be accepting donations of pipe foams, “blue foam”, cushion foam, weapon core materials, silicon glue, duct tape, double back tape, electrical tape, snap blades, and contact paper at a rate of 3 gobbies per dollar. Bring your receipt. Please make the donations usable for weapon creation- I agree the Mustache Duct Tape is cute, but not cute enough to make a weapon out of. If in doubt, stick to brown, tan, red, black, white, silver, gold, glow-in-the-dark, and “original aluminum.” Anyone donating Cowboys duct tape may require hospitalization- you have been warned.

I will be rewarding 5 gobbies per dollar for latex weaponry. Again, please bring receipts. Also note I can only accept weapons validated as “safe for use” in Alliance. Don’t ask me what that list is, because there’s too many to keep track of, but I’m sure you all know someone using one, so ask them. Better yet, the fine folks at Faire Play run a booth which sells them at slightly below MSRP- which I’d be willing to base the gobbies on if you bring the receipt and tag. Better than 5/$ and it doesn’t take up any space in your car- how awesome is that!

Awww, did that big bad dragonmage go and perm your fighter? Trying to cut down on Character ADD and want to Garage Sale some weapons? We can accept used weapons in any condition- usable, or “usable as a core in something else.” Obviously reward value will vary wildly, so see me in person for rates on those.

Got an hour travel time for your character and nothing to do? Need to lay low for a while? Need to “un-game” for a bit but don’t want to leave site to do it? Come up to NPC camp, and find me or one of my crack foam smiths. If we’re available, we will teach you the basics ABSOLUTELY FREE while you build your first weapon to donate for roughly half the above rates. How cool is that- not only do you get gobbies for your time, you learn a valuable skill that can improve your own game for years to come!

Pretty much the same as above, but without all that “needing to learn it first” bit. However, if you wanted to learn a specific method you’re unsure of, this would be a great way to pick it up!

Please also note our Garb Drive is still ongoing, in that we are in need of “one size won’t fit me!” clothing. Thank you all for your time, and we look forward to killing you soon!


Foamsmiths: Please note the change in max weapon lengths when making stuff for donations, particularly with short swords. 48" is the new max for long weapons, 36" is the new max for short.


I have 5-6 rebuilds already done. Longswords, I did one as a Long Axe but I do not think they are new rules max length. I do have a polearm I am also rebuilding but I suspect you will be fine with what I make you.

Joe S.

Tom H

Joe, you are most definitely on the "approved list."

To be fair I'm not as sold on "all longs need to be max length," it' mostly a concern for shorts due to how fundamentally different and gamecanging their length revision was. Max longs will be great, but if they're "old max" it's only a few inches short.