Human Pro-Non-Human Organization?

Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but has anyone ever heard of any type of organization IG that is for peace between all the races? It needs to either be run by humans or allow humans in it.

It could also be an organization that supports the reform of Necromancers, or a race that's considered violent, or something like that. Any ideas? Thanks! XD


That's something that would exist on a chapter to chapter basis.

If you're playing Crossroads, you might try starting one. The Player's Guide for that chapter is also an IG document written by a woman who wanted to help alleviate all the differences and tensions between races. You might be able to talk to plot and see if something can be done with that.


If you plan on playing Crossroads, you should check out their website and download the Player's Guide from there. The setting there is very interesting, in that the main town is in a kingdom which until recently did not allow non humans, and still restricts the rights of non humans. It is the perfect setting for a group like you mentioned to start.

My suggestion would be to 1) download and read the player's guide, 2) check out the in game message board, 3) write your character history and include the goal of creating such a group and submit it to

It would probably be something that took a little while to get up and running once you start PCing, but would at least be a launch point for role play objectives and a good reason to start interacting with the other players right out of the gate. The plot team there is great and will help you along the way. With the first event just a month away, I wouldn't expect them to act on a submission for your first event, but it will at least lay the seed and give you some guidance on how to play your character.
Thanks for the help and info! I appreciate it! :D