Hunting the White Rooks


Greetings New Acarthians.

This note is for those familiar with the attack on the Duchess at the last gather. If you have a personal investment in finding and stopping the foursome known as the White Rooks, or if you have been personally affected by the "heartless muders", please get in touch with me.

As you may know, I am the leader of the experimental group called the New Acarthian Watch. This group consists mostly of aventurers that live in New Acarthia. We try to make it possible for the New Acarthian Town Guard to do the work a town guard should do, while we handle the issues that are specific to the fact that this particular town is on the border with the Howling Woods, and experiences regular external threats.

The New Acarthian Watch has a lead on a possible hideout for the White Rooks. Once the Masquerade is over and the attendees are kept safe (we hope) I intend to lead a party to find and stop the White Rooks. If you have personal connections to the White Rooks, or other compelling reasons to join, please get in touch.