I Am So Happy!

I am thrilled a LARP group has finally showed up within four hours of me! I wish I'd discovered you just a little bit sooner and been able to attend your January event.

My name is Jim. The screen name is because I have chronic altitis and am never happy with less than a minimum of three characters. I'm a NERO refugee; a former regular in NERO East, Middle, and West Tennessee (All 3 chapters have since left and formed a new LARP called Heroic Interactive Theatre). I moved to Roanoke about four years ago and I attended a couple events of a LARP named Avalon, and though I think they're great my job and my toddler have rendered four hour drives impractical and unpleasant, especially without travel buddies.

Two quick questions. The first is related to the fact that my IC profession is often to make and sell custom cigarettes. Am I permitted to sell tobacco products at events? And the second more important question is how can I help?! I know a little web design, am an artist and designer (j-jim.deviantart.com), and have written fairly extensive LARP material in the past. And of course I can signal boost in the Roanoke area. I want to help push the cart in any way I can.
Please forgive my self-indulgence (I'm just so excited!). I want my first character to be custom made to the plot and ongoing story of Ashbury and NCV specifically. I'd appreciate any feedback and advice on the following character concepts as to which have the best potential in this campaign.

1. Characters previously played, to be recycled into new characters:
a. A-Mi-Ri (Biata): From a fiercely matriarchal tribal society, Amiri is submissive and obedient to women. Ironically, he is also the most efficient and ruthless killer of all my characters. He is submissive by choice and doesn't respect being ordered around by males.
b. Kashir Ibn al-Shahar (Gorbe): A Wolverineish revolutionary with a massive chip on his shoulder. Frankly, though he was fun to play I'd like to leave him at rest. I got tired of being grumpy and rude all weekend.
c. Alabaster (MEW): The most jovial and likable of any character I've played in any context, but still possessing a very clear sense of morality and purpose. A wanderer who is, in fact, lost who believes in celebration above all else. He closes all his letters with "In Defiant Joy."
d. Alwynor (Human): After suffering hideous disfigurement in a fire, he spent his entire childhood locked in a basement with his books. At age 16 he was both healed and liberated by an unidentified dark entity. Alywnor is very on the border between good and evil and the right push could send him in either direction.

2. Characters that so far only exist in concept:
a. Alejandro (Gypsy): A member of a disgraced Familia with intentions of restoring its name by any means necessary (Essentially a mafia figure)
b. Ama-Dee (Human): A flat-out witch doctor, all about the chaos/necromancy. This is designed to be a summer character with light costuming for the hot months.

Thank you again for indulging me. This will really help give me (And maybe others) a good feel for NCV's unique "vibe."



We are at least as excited to hear that you found us! We hold our events at the Holiday Lake 4-H Center just outside of Appomattox, VA...looks like that'd only be an hour and a half or so from you! I'm not sure about Virginia laws regarding selling of tobacco products nor the site policies. I'll have to check on those and get back to you.

We have a wide range of unique Cultures in our chapter to suit whatever character concept you'd like to play. Alternatively, you could create a character backstory from any other chapter's cultures or even a unique culture of your own design! Please send your character ideas to our Plot team (plot@alliancecville.com) so we can work out more details regarding our chapter's story and the cultures local to our little piece of Fortannis.

If you're interested in helping out on Staff, please email me (GM@alliancecville.com) or find me on Facebook: D. Luke Goldsmith. We can certainly use some more staff members!

-Luke G.


I started out in NERO and played there for a while. I played with a number of folks from some of the TN chapters as well and I look forward to seeing you come out with us. I think you will find the adjustment curve quite easy to deal with. Please feel free to contact me for any unabashed questions you might have. Luke is best for chapter policy type stuff as he is the GM.

Joe Siegel
Luke, you said those three words I love to hear: "Your own design"

Worldbuilding is kinda my thing. I created a whole colony of ex-slaves for one of my characters, which to their great credit, Plot used in a chapter storyline that ended in the colony's obliteration, but in a really cool way. The info packet I made for it, complete with a fleshed out wyldkin race, is at www.jimjenkins.us/bonewright

As for staff, I think "consultant" may be my most useful capacity. My availability is erratic throughout the year and I would be unreliable. I just don't want anyone's play experience to be dependent on my presence. I'm happy to NPC and even run mods and plots and stuff, and as I said I would love to provide content in the form of writing, illustration and logo design and stuff. If there are any NPCs, locations, buildings, etc that you'd like to have illustrations of, just let me know and I'll add it to my queue.

The Alejandro idea is built out of a thought experiment of "gypsies as mobsters" that has been running through my head for years. It would give some gypsy characters a real dilemma between loyalty and integrity.