I found something and need some help.


Adventurers of Hopes Reach,
I was recently out spelunking about the countryside and have come across something that needs further investigation. After talking to some local merchants and farmers I think it may involve a murder. I'm not confident in investigating it alone. I don't want to discuss too much in detail but I am wondering if a small group of adventurers would be willing to help me out getting to the bottom of it. Any further details will be discussed in person. I will be around next market day.
-Zoplo "Bardlehopp" Lightfoot


You come to market day Gorka will help you Find the help needed. Gorka the Green one but if you meet Gubba instead She will tell you where I am.

Healer of Gaden

If it involves the commital of a crime, please
make sure you bring it the evidence to me or you have either Yorkie or myself along to investigate.


Freeman Lightfoot,

I think I remember you from last year, if you can make yourself available to recount your tale or can contact me privately well make sure someone gets to the bottom of this.

Sheriff Fern