I hope you understand

So It has come to my attention that people think that when I PC, people think that I Elise is Angry at people because Keranna is angry. This is a misconception I want to correct, I have and probably will always take my roleplay seriously. I do get really deep into my roleplay sometimes, I just want everyone to know that I’m not angry at you in real life. Right now Keranna is going through a really hard time as well as I am in real life I never really leave that headspace In a way. I’m in a negative headspace a lot but when I am in game I’m never angry at the other players, if I was I would say something. I do not like breaking character as much as possible, It may be a few people who think this but I want to get this out here. Because I have not felt welcome at game by the majority of players in a long time and if this is the issue, I hope you understand.