I just registerd for hq and event for april



How long does it take for someone to get back to you on questions you have for HQ?????

I would like to know if i should make my character before or after i buy the blankets for the past events?????

When will i find out if i get crash space at the event??????

Did you recieve both of my payments for the events and membership?????


I'm glad to hear you're coming to the April HQ event! You should probably post your questions on the HQ section of the Message Board and you'll likely get an answer quicker. I'll try to answer what I can here.

1) HQ is usually pretty responsive to questions. But as I said above, use the HQ section of the board.

2) I don't know the answer to your question about blankets..... :(

3) If you pre-registered, then there should be space for you. However, I would definitely try to get to the site early so you can "claim" your spot. More information about the lodging questions can be found on the HQ section of this Message Board.

4) Once your payments have been received, Mike V. (Alliance and HQ chapter owner) will post your name on the Pre-registration List on the HQ section of the Message Board! Not trying to sound like a smart-@$$, but the answer to most of your questions are likely to be found there.

I'll see you at the event!

--- Eric Stehle / Ivan Drake
If this is you:

6. Adam Millman (year membership)

Then you are registered for the HQ event. You are listed on the HQ pre-registration page.

--- Eric Stehle / Ivan Drake