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Ryan S

Hey guys!

A couple of you have poked us about IBGAs this month, and I wanted to let you all know that we won't be doing IBGAs before our May Event. The beginning of our May Event will involve the arrival in Erabella, so until that event your characters will be in other places of Fortannis. There will be IBGAs after the May event, and we will post a deadline for those emails after the May event has happened.

Instead what we'd like is for you to send us an email talking about your plans for your character in the coming season. What kinds of plots are you looking forward to? What plans do you have for your character's story? Do you want to pursue knighthood or lordship? Are you looking for your moment in the spotlight or to support someone else's story? Letting us know what you're interested in gives us the opportunity to build plot that everyone can enjoy. These emails can be sent to plot.alliancemn@gmail.com.

Our other announcement is that we aren't going to have a formal feedback form for each event. Instead anything that you'd like to talk about with plot or the ownership should get sent to their respective emails and we'll post up the "Event Favorites" post after each game where you can give cudos for stuff that you enjoyed. Additionally, we are going to have an anonymous complaint box that people can use if something happened that they didn't enjoy, but they aren't comfortable talking directly with the staff.

As always, you should feel free to come and talk to us at game if there's something we can do to improve your weekend event.

We look forward to this season with you guys, and hope you are excited!

-Ryan S
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What email would you like us to use when telling you our character’s plans?