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EDIT: There is nothing in the rulebook to define the specifics of how identification within a celestial circle of power works, regarding willing creatures, and which, if any, game mechanics are at work / required to do so. So I have a few questions regarding how it is supposed to work:

Can a player refuse to be identified by another player while in a celestial circle of power? Or are they forced to accept it?

Is focus required to identify something within a celestial circle?

Is there a requirement for how long it takes to identify something within a circle?
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I had temporarily moved this to marshal questions, but after a quick search throught the forums/ARB/APG the specifics on timing and focus were not listed (player refusal was also not listed, but items and NPC's were mentioned so my expectation is purposeful omission). However, I will let ARC officially weigh in and then we can clarify it better in our next update.


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As currently written, neither a player nor a character may refuse to be identified within a greater celestial circle of power. Focus is not required while identifying something within a circle of power. The time required to Identify a person or item is the same amount of time it takes for the player to learn the information out of game.

These rules are also being reviewed by ARC and may be adressed in future updates.
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