If you're not playing the game this weekend...


...feed your addiction by buying costuming for your characters!

My sister in law is an extremely talented seamstress who owns Threads of Time and she's holding an open house this weekend. She asked me to pass this along:

"Threads of Time is hosting an ‘Open House’ on May 24th from 10am to 6pm at our studio in Peabody, Ma with a preview night Friday till 8pm. Those interested in coming should email us for directions and a 5% off in stock clothing Purchase Certificate. We will have a rack of slightly damaged and sale garments (Purchase Certificate not valid on sale items or orders), also odds and ends like leather masks, t-shirts, cloak clasps, leather boots, wooden boxes, etc. We will also have a Free table of miscellaneous items and a $1 and $2 table of stuff. Please contact me via email at lquinn@threadsoftime.com"

Also, since I posted this on the Caldaria boards a few people have asked for the extra special super double secret sneak preview on Thursday so they can have their cake and eat it too. I'll keep you all posted!


Does she have a regular website for those of us who have no way to make it out there?


Sorry... I am ******** and my computer fails me time and again.

I found it all-and have slapped my own wrists for not being comp savy!