Illegal for commoners to wear a red, or white belt


Good People of New Acarthia,

Our fair kingdom holds tradition that certain stations of authority are noted by the color of belt that they wear. Our knights all wear white belts that any who behold this unusual symbol know that the white belt conveys the vested authority and trust of the Crown of Acarthia.

Our higher nobility, meaning Barons and the Duchess, Dukes of other lands, and even His Majesty the King himself are all also knights. Barons, Dukes, and Monarchs are all knights, and they all wear white belts. Each of those persons may also wear additional symbols: Barons wear a white belt and leather coronet. Dukes wear a white belt and metal coronet. The Crown and white belt are the symbols for our Monarch.

Those individuals in training for knighthood have certain authority of law and in our society. They are called Squire, and they wear red belts.

These white belts, and red belts are the symbol of authority, and Law of the King in Acarthia. These belts are special symbols of authority.

Because of this, it is not lawful for persons other than Knights or Squires, respectively, to wear white belts, or red belts.

Two items of note that can happen by accident:

Many adventures carry with us a long strip of white cloth, styled as a headband if you will, for various uses in adventuring. Some of us tuck that white headband into our belts - if your headband is very long, be careful not to tie it around your waist in the fashion of a belt. Even this raggedy, unthinkingly applied symbol, is illegal for commoners to bear in Acarthia.

Similarly, young persons - pages - in the adventuring class often bear an orange headband, or orange sash as a token of their station as apprentice adventurers. Orange and red can be very close together in perception in some places. What one set of eyes may perceive as "deep orange," another may say sure looks like red. Guardians of our adventuring pages, please be careful to err on the side of infallibly orange for the tokens of station for page adventurers.

If you have any questions, any who bear the red belt or white belt of authority can assist you.

Thank you for your patience, and appreciation of the rich culture of our great Kingdom.

In service to Acarthia,
Baroness Katherine Rivervale

P.S. My great thanks to Goodman Markov for teaching me how to correct a scrivner's error in the headline of this piece. I owe you cheese dip, Markov.
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