I'm new and have some questions

Hi there my name is Aidan and I'm very very new to the LARP community and I'm very excited to go to my first event! Although I do have a few questions. I know I do need to start as an NPC I was curious if in fact I do need a costume to do that for my first event? I was also curious if you have to make your own props strictly? Last but not least I do have lots of social anxiety and I'm a little scared and a little lost in how I should really do everything, if any of you could offer me just a basic overview of what I should do to get started I would greatly appreciate that and I'm very sorry if this post is in the wrong place or wrong format. I look forward to being apart of your community!:D


San Francisco Staff
Actually, you are not required to start as an NPC but a lot of us do recommend it, especially if you’re new to LARPing altogether. It’s a great way to try things out, get to know the system, and meet your fellow players.

To NPC you don’t need your own costume or props. If you do choose to PC you’ll need those things, though people can often help you out with loaner items while you are getting started.

As a first step, I recommend finding the section of the forums for your local chapter and posting there, so you can get specific guidance from your local group.



My opinion is that you should play first before you come to NPC. Your first event will always be special and as a PC you'll know pretty fast if LARPing, Boffer style LARPing, and Alliance is a good fit for you. As a brand new player you can focus on one card, developing one personality, and generally being exposed to less effects. As an NPC sometimes it can be a lot and get confusing fast.

A lot of folks buy props. Etsy is a great place. There's also various larp specific stores (Dark Knight Armoury is a great one). A lot of people learn to craft pretty quickly (if even poorly). I'd put my money on most larpers being able to sew very poorly. Often times you can work out deals with other players to get stuff made.