Important Faire Day Rules Update

In an effort to ensure the safety of our players at tomorrow's Faire Day, we will be enacting the following rules changes regarding touch-casting:

1) The caster of a touch-cast spell is *not* to physically touch the target of their spell, and are instead asked to pantomime the touch instead.

2) The caster must still be within arm's reach of their target.

3) The word "touch" will be added to the end of the incant, in order to more clearly convey the intent of the caster. For example, if Wizard Adrian would like to give their buddy Fighter Quinn a weapon shield, they would hold out their hand in Fighter Quinn's direction and say "I protect you with a Weapon Shield - Touch!".

4) If the target of a touch-cast spell does not acknowledge the caster with either an "accept" or "refuse" response, a quick out of game clarification should be given.

The Alliance New Hampshire staff thanks you all for your cooperation.

Head of Rules