Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
Hey everyone!

In-Between-Season-Action submissions will be due Saturday, April 4th. All submissions should be sent to:

In-Between-Season-Action submissions should consist of one Major Action and one Minor Action. Major actions may include things such as meeting with NPCs, investigating an issue, or performing research, and should be the focus of your character’s time during that period. Minor actions are things that are unlikely to influence the game, but that you would still like plot to note, such as spending time at your character’s favorite bar, hanging out with your character’s family, or spending time helping orphans. If you have Craftsman Other skills that you believe will aid in your task, please list them in your IBGA submission.

In addition to these normal submissions, we'd like to hear about what your character wants to do in this upcoming year. Do you want to become a noble, do you want chances to advance in your sub-faction, do you want to tell a story about rescuing a damsel/damoiseau-in-distress, do you want to have a rival that harries you this season, and/or do you want to go on a treasure hunt? Letting us know what our player base is interested in helps us craft events that we can all enjoy.

I look forward to seeing you all this season!