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Hey everyone!

In-Between-Season-Action submissions will be due Saturday, December 4th. All submissions should be sent to:

In-Between-Season-Action submissions should consist of one Major Action and one Minor Action. Major actions may include things such as meeting with NPCs, investigating an issue, or performing research, and should be the focus of your character’s time during that period. Minor actions are things that are unlikely to influence the game, but that you would still like plot to note, such as spending time at your character’s favorite bar, hanging out with your character’s family, or spending time helping orphans. If you have Craftsman Other skills that you believe will aid in your task, please list them in your IBGA submission.

For the October event, we waived the requirement to participate in any subfaction mod in order to earn your 2 Prestige. Please note where you would like those points to be assigned.

In addition to these normal submissions, we'd like to hear about what your character wants to do in this upcoming year. Do you want to become a noble, do you want chances to advance in your sub-faction, do you want to tell a story about rescuing a damsel/damoiseau-in-distress, do you want to have a rival that harries you this season, and/or do you want to go on a treasure hunt? Letting us know what our player base is interested in helps us craft events that we can all enjoy.

I look forward to seeing you all this season!
sent one to you several days ago, hope you got it.. if there is any questions, please send me an e-mail..

David Raatz aka Iganeous Ironforge

Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
Hello everyone!

Responses to the In-Between-Season-Actions won't be sent out till we get closer to the start of Season 3, but I wanted to provide a list of everyone we received an email from, so that if we missed you, you have a chance to let us know. If your name isn't on the list below, but you definitely sent us an email, just bump that email, or double check the email address you used, and we'll get you added.
  1. David Raatz
  2. Sid Price
  3. Ryan Benike
  4. Bryce Koke
  5. Brad Kramer
  6. Time Sireno
  7. Emma DeRoode-George
  8. Julia Stewart
  9. Andrea Rye
  10. Brenda Hawkins
  11. Ryan Wessner
  12. Kayla Stewart
  13. Jonathan McNicholes
  14. Zach Serocki
We look forward to seeing you all next season!
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