In Honor of Celebration


Word has reached The Council that the adventurers through the storm have not only taken care of many local issues significant to The Bastion By The Water, but have begun to spread their reach to Newharbor, Plimbare, and Popolos as a whole.

You all have my greatest thanks. I have heard there is a festival taking place on Kundirk in a few days, and was considering visiting to personally thank you myself, so long as I am not intruding on anything.

If one of you could provide me instructions on how to reach the location of the festival, you would have my utmost appreciation.

Like My Father Before Me,
Coturn Pavalo III
Head Councilman and Archon of the Isles
Archon Coturn,

Your Grace- My name is Cyn, Guildmistress of the Earth Guild of Koroshi. Sadly I was unable to assist the adventures on their recent visit to your lands due to my duties in Dragonreach.

It would be my honor to assist you in your travels to our Dragonfall feast.

If I am assuming correctly you will be coming into Kundirk via Sinsea Port. The people there are rebuilding and reestablishing their city after an abrupt change of leadership. They Siren and her people have been working with us and their Mayor is sending an ambassador to Dragonreach. They can direct you to the near by Waymaker Stone. If memory servers it is east of the City gate and not far.

The Waymaker Stones of Kundirk are a very amazing and effective form of travel not only in our plane but the others thanks to the work The Waymakers. You can use them to travel our lands quickly and safely.

To get to the Feast - Simply place your hand on the stone saying “Activate Waymaker Stone - Target Valbrough”

This will rift you to a Stone in the woods just below the Hall of Hero’s Tavern . That is where feast is held. You will likely see the lights and hear the people from the path from the Waymaker Stone.

If you wish to share with me your planned arrival time I am sure we can arrange someone to meet you either at Sinsea or the Waymaker Stone in Valbrough.

I very much look forward to meeting you, Your Grace and for you to see our beautiful Kingdom as many of us were able to see and enjoy your lands this year and last.

If you have any other questions or requests to make your visit most comfortable- please do not hesitate to ask and I will be honored to assist you.

Yours In Service,

Avacyn “Cyn” Aligria Called Ironrose

Guild Mistress of the Earth Guild of Koroshi
Artifact of the Dragon's Claw
Founder of Forgotten Hope

"My Life For Theirs"
"Defending the Dealings of Time and Space"