In the Arcane Sanctum

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Rohnan moved through the bustling of people to the Arcane Sanctum. The Lux was busy with those packing up to leave before winter set in. It seemed that very few were remaining for the winter, not knowing the plans of the person that she needed to speak to she headed towards the sanctum and entered the building. She stopped the first initiate that she could see, “Have you seen Magi Evo around today? I need to speak with him.”
A familiar head appears from behind a mountain of paperwork. "Magus. I am still in the singular, as much I could use another of me to catch up on--" he gestures vaguely.

Evo stands and stretches. "What can I do for you, Rohnan?"
Rohnan grinned and rolled her eyes at her own mistake. “It’s more of what I can do for you really. I realized earlier that after Mal decided to leave the Sanctum, they left Cassiopeia without a teacher. Now I know that I’ve barely been a Lore Seeker for two whole days, but I do have the skills to teach. With your permission, I would like to take over Mal’s role and take Cassiopeia on as my student.”
Evo reflects a moment, not very well hiding his disappointment at the reminder of Mal's resignation. Soon, his eyes brighten, and his expression softens.

"This is the eagerness to lead that I asked for. Generally the Sanctum won't assign students to Lore Seekers, and that's because there's more to the Sanctum than learning magic." He studies Rohnan. "You won't be Lore Seeker very long, I predict. Tell me, then: what does Cass need in a teacher?"
Rohnan thought for a moment, thinking about what she knew about Cassiopeia. “I unfortunately don’t know too much about her yet, but from what I’ve observed, I think that she might need guidance. I get a sense that she has only really started learning her potential, not only as a scholar, but as a member of the Sanctum. To me she would need a teacher who is willing to involve her in Sanctum business so she can see that side of things. I also see that she seems to go a bit unnoticed sometimes, but is always paying attention, maybe further down the line it might be good to see if she is interested in going a bit more adept, and would need a teacher who can help her down that path if she has interest in it. but for now it seems like the biggest area for her to grow in is building a familiarity and foundation in the basics of magic.”

“Really, I think that she needs someone who is willing and able to invest time into her and will encourage her to fallow her own path.”
Evo nods as he listens. "It may be several months before we can meet again as a group. Perhaps you can visit Cassiopeia in the meantime and relay this conversation to her. Assuming she accepts, I think this will be a good assignment for both of you."
Rohnan grins. “I will definitely talk to her about it. Oh! And before I go, just thought that I would let you know that I’ve decided to spend time in Calanhelm studying conjuring under Kalios. I’m hoping by spring time I’ll have a decent grasp of the basics.”
"Good you thought to mention it-- I've asked that only Adeptus or higher level Sanctum members have blanket permission to study under the Paragons," Evo smiles -- "but I'll ask them to make an exception in your case. Please keep in mind that it is a privilege and a responsibility to study these magics, and while I'm sure it's not an issue for you, there are consequences for a paragon student if they were to quit the Sanctum."

The magus writes a note and seals it. "This letter gives you specific clearance to study under Professor Magus Kalios, and directs anyone who takes issue with that to contact me directly. I know you'll excel." He offers the envelope to Rohnan.
“It’s definitely good that I said something.” Rohnan reached out to take the letter, feeling a new weight to the path that she’s chosen. “Thank you for your confidence in me. I hope to prove that it’s not miss placed.”
"Keep me apprised of your progress in both endeavors, and I'll call on you if I find things which need doing." Evo sits amid the pile of papers and shuffles a few, halfheartedly. "But first, " he grumbles, "paperwork. "

"If that's all?" He waits, inquisitively.
“Yes, that’s everything. I’ll be bouncing back and forth between here and Calanhelm for the foreseeable future. If there’s anything that you need from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Rohnan walked out feeling very satisfied with that conversation.
Elinor pushes awkwardly through the sanctum doors, her arms once again burdened with a pile of books, scrolls, and leather-wrapped papers. The stack almost up to her eyes, she fails to notice the magus behind his desk. After a precarious moment rounding the corner of a table, she drops her pile onto a desk with a satisfied sigh. She begins sorting the paper, which, at a glance, is a strange mix of elemental texts, portal magic books, and scraps of music.
"That should keep you busy for a while," Evo peers over the desks. "How goes the search?"
Just in the process of sitting down, she jumps at the sound of his voice, tottering backwards on the chair's two legs. She lunges forward for the table, grabbing and pulling herself to a stop. Half-laughing and half-mortified, she pushes her disheveled hair back out of her face again. "Magus Evo, you know, you really ought to... read louder, or something. Scared the faelight out of me."

She sighs at the pile in front of her. "I dare say so - I'm glad it's not taxes and bookkeeping, but I'll be damned if it isn't a lot of reading, being a mage." She repositions her papers, fretting over the curled corners and dog ears. "If you were an answer to the question, 'How does a hundred people vanish in a fire?', where would you be? In the elemental section?"
"I'd probably head straight for the Strategy and Tactics section, 'How to Cover Your Tracks With Fire.' But I do tend toward the pragmatic, if not outright pessimistic." Evo smiles gently. "No leads yet?"
She laughs, feigning looking in the middle of a stack. "Seems I missed that title. No, not yet - Mal was kind enough to help me with a vision ritual before we left, but no flashes of genius just yet." She peeks over her books at Evo's. "Hopefully more fruitful over there? Perhaps you've found the classic 'How to Entice an Angry Feylord to Fall Back in Love with Her Old Flame'? Or 'How to Feed Several Hundred Thousand People on a Budget'?"
"Ohh, I could have used those books a few years ago," Evo pines. "I suppose I'll settle for 'Running a Library and/or City-State in Seven Easy Steps, with Pictures'."

Evo levels his gaze for a moment: "You are asking for help, and that's the right thing to do. As you've seen already, we will stand with you when you know where to go."
"And I'm grateful for the help." She pushes her hair back again. "I came here looking for help, but I had no idea..." She shakes her head. "I had no idea that so many would throw their lot in with mine, practically a stranger. Stars, even Lord Sarryn had offered to help, though he may have a few more pressing matters now..." Her gaze drops. "Is that why Mal left, do you think? They said it was a matter of maintaining objectivity... it just doesn't feel right without them around."
"Do not force Mal to answer, but I think they would be in the best position to tell you why they left." Evo looks suddenly tired. "I wish I had all the answers, Elly. I'd even settle for knowing that I was asking the right questions."

He focuses into the distance.

"I have to remind myself I'm not here to be anyone's friend, or to make people like me or our mission. We just need to succeed, without becoming the enemy we seek to destroy."
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Elly frowns at her books for a moment, then shuffles them all to one side, tucking one paper into her pocket.

She grabs her chair and cheerfully plunks it down on the other side of Evo's desk. "Unfortunately, magus, you have plenty of friends and plenty of people that like you just fine. So." She claps her hands together. "You have a bigger mountain than me right now, time to pull rank and tell your initiate where she can help. Speaking of which -" She puts the folded paper in front of him. " - I always find music helps. Gives us perspective. Reminds us why we fight together and not alone," she says, raising her brows slightly. She coughs and drops her gaze. "... sir."
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