Initiating those that would be warriors...


Hear me! There are those that wish to join our ranks. They wish to fight along side the Bleeding Eye as family, ally and friend. They wish to take up the mantle of warrior and champion.

Thousand Bones sends word to you all. We gather on the 10th day of May, in thr forgotten shard, to hunt great beasts in thr name of glory and renoun. We gather to see who would be bestowed the honor of our sacred braids. It is our tribes symbol of unity and community.

Arrive at 10 bells on the 10th of May. Bring food and drink. The Bleeding Eye will prepare a feast of meat for those that offer food to trade. We will make merriment, dance, song, and form strong alliances. But at 11 bells, we will hunt. We will see who is worthy to join the ranks of the Bleeding Eye.

Thousand Bones
Chieftain of the Bleeding Eye
Will this hunt only be for those of green skin, or will it be open to all who travel through the mists?


This hunt is for those that wish to ally themselves with our tribe. It is also an initiation into the tribe for those that wish it.

The Bleeding Eye seek allies and friends from all of Fortannis. Name us friends and join our cause of building a better world for those that walk the path of adventure... and we will welcome you.

Or join the initiates in their hunt and help them achieve glory. The choice is yours. Just know that the initiates are in charge and they lead the pack. It is their test, but they will need warriors. This, Thousand Bones promises.
Then you shall count me a friend and ally as your cause is one I follow, I want a better world for us all.

As a wild hunter of my lands, I would be honored to join and assist the initiates on their hunt. I wish them great glory!


Thousand Bones,

It has been some time, but I trust your memory still serves as well as mine to remember one another.

If you have need of me, I will be available, however I do not feel a personal need to compete in your hunt.