Inquiry about becoming a defender of the Earth weavers

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Montana look particularly disheveled when he entered the earth weavers guild, which was surprising for this early in the morning. It was a nickel after 6 am.

Taking a moment to appreciate the decorations and atmosphere, Montana approaches the woman by the desk. She seems serious and had a serious face on. Furrowing his brow, he tried to put on a serious face too.

"Howdy, pleasure all mine," he gruffs. "can I tug on your sleeve about something real quick? I was mulling over being a def-"

Montana suddenly becomes distracted and begins looking up and around. His face, which clearly did not look serious, was naturally good at looking confused. He pats his head.

"Hold on... I've forgotten my hat. I'll be back tomorrow."

Montana leaves.
Montana returns the next evening with his hat. Smiling kindly at the other guild members, he approaches the woman at the desk.

Remembering his manners, Montana takes his hat off; it's what you do in polite company.

"Greeting and salutations and all that hub-bub" he grumbles. "As I was saying , I have a question about becoming a defender of the earth weavers. You see, rules seem to be that to advance from aspirant, one of the conditions is to master one handed blunt and edged weapons... But being of the leafy persuasion, I just flat out cannot use anything metal, so I can only use blunt."

"Is there any way around this? Could I learn how to throw something intimidatingly, I reckon. Just seems like a wild goose chase for a stinking goose I don't want."


The attendant looks over the dryad and replies "Why not just make a wooden sword? Or you can ask a smith to make one of obsidian, or bone or many other non-metallic items."
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