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I first wanted to give another update; I am still available to take orders on Palnatoke weaponry (the brand with the highest overall safety/quality I have seen in latex weapons), and very soon will be placing an order so if anyone was considering getting something now would be a good time to get it ordered!I will add the updated list of prices in another post.

Second, as I am still planning to open a storefront but have had challenges getting the legal paperwork completed, I am going to rename my business. I was going to call it The Larp Resource, but now I am giving everyone the option of helping me name the business. Got any ideas for a good name? I will even go so far as to give a discount for the name I decide on, so let's see those names! Remember, my storefront is meant to be a retail store specializing in products for the LARP community, so the closer the name helps describe that the better!

James aka Strago


Hey again,

As I said above (and to save space), here's my official pricing list for all the products for sale from Palnatoke. The prices as indicated include free delivery to the Claremont (Deadlands) site during event weekends, given the 3-5 week shipping time. I hope to start getting orders for weapons soon! :D

Squire Line
- Champion, Claymore, Ninjato: Steel or Gold Cross-hilt/Pommel
- Norse, Woodland, Dao: Steel or Bronze Cross-Hilt/Pommel
Semi (Approx. 34 in. total) – $75
Long (Approx. 41 in. total) – $80
(Marauder comes in Rusty blade only; Cleaver comes in Rusty or Bloody blade)
Semi (Approx. 34 in. total) – $85
Long (Approx. 41 in. total) – $90

Ragnarok Line
Note: all Ragnarok weapons are approximately 27 in. total and are made with a lighter core and foam, but are likely to not pass safety checks.
-Warrior – $45
-Rogue/Ninja/Orc – $50

(Elven comes in Green or Bronze; the rest are standard color only)
Squire – $50
Ranger/Tanto – $55
Drow/Elven – $60

-Bracers – Come in Small, Medium, or Large
Plain (Brown, Black, or Black/Brown) – $75
Detailed (Celtic, Elven, Mercenary, or Skull) – $80
-Greaves – Come in Medium or Large
All Styles – $100

Standard Leather
-Bracers (Small, Medium, or Large)
All Styles – $40.00
-Greaves (Medium or Large)
All Styles – $50

Scabbards/Sword Holders
Regarding the scabbards and mounting systems, The Mount 1 style contains a single piece, while Mount 2 comes with two adjustable-length pieces, allowing the scabbard to rest at an angle. Finally, the sword hangers are a less flashy (and less expensive) alternative, which holds weapons although it may be difficult to draw the weapons.

Semi (All Styles) – $120
Long (All Styles) – $135
Mount 1 (Brown or Black) – $20
Mount 2 (Brown or Black) – $35
-Sword hangers (Please specify left or right-sided hanger)
(Black, Brown, Brown w/ Red, Brown w/ Green) – $35

-Gloves (Medium or Large)
Black, Brown, or Bordeaux – $35
-Belts (Medium, Large, or XL and Brown or Black)
Plain (All sizes) – $40
Knight (All sizes) – $50
Ranger (All sizes) – $55

Cash or PayPal Accepted; payment must be received prior to order being placed.

I am available at owner at larpresource dot com or you can always send me a PM.

-James aka Strago


Dan Nickname Beshers said:
You should call your store "The Burning Squirrel Inn and Outfitters."

You can't call it Larping Zone.

That was a front to launder my money. Stupid Buckley.