Interested in a Ritual Casting Class?



I have been having several dreams that indicate that I will be visiting again in May. I was asked by one of your lovely nobles to offer a class of sorts about Ritual Casting. This would be a beginners course for everyone, not just the ritual casters. I would be talking about:

What you would need to gather to have a ritual cast
What is expected of the one asking for rituals
What is expected of the one that will be casting the rituals
What is the etiquette of both caster and buyer, like bringing the caster ale.
What is involved in the actual casting
What are several of the most common rituals
If there is time after all of that then, then we can talk about what kinds of ritual manipulations can be done by very experienced casters.

Would there be interest in such a class? This would only cost some...a bunch...a lot of ale, as talking makes me thirsty and ale makes me funny so the class will not be so dry.

Kart Silentstone


Hello Kart,

I haven't seen you in many moons, I would love to attend your lessons and encourage more people to do so! I'll see what I can do about getting you some beverages from my friends. I cannot wait to see you again!



I know of several scholars that don't visit the dream realms that I think would be very interested.

I have some interest in this topic as well. I don't tend to carry a lot of booze, but I know a dwarf who does.


Excellent! When do you think it would be the best time to have this, and where? Maybe behind the tavern after or during Saturday lunch?