Into the Cursed Black Sands (Enerret Game day teaser)


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Alliances have been made, international bonds formed over in the course of destroying the dreaded necromoths. It seems one of those allies has been called upon to see to both a scourge upon his home land brought to an end, whole helping the Mystwalkers and their Allies get one step closer to the ultimate goal of bringing the Tenebrous to its true end.
It will be up to the Mystwalkers to coordinate with Ravi (Prince) Al 'Bindari against the Terror of the Black Sands, an Evil Undead Jinn known as Mawet Atu. The Arrangements have been made. The Sun Magic should align just right for The Ravi to perform his ritual to get all willing into the Wilds by Mid day and returned by Sundown. The Magistrate, after speaking with the Ravi, has made arrangements for the local Earth Guild to send all available members to aid in this endeavor.
It will be a dangerous place as many have entered attempting to destroy this Evil Jinn before but few have ever returned. From the information given so far, it is said that those that die on the Black Sands are the Jinn's to keep forever. These poor spirits are said to be forever trapped. Even the most powerful earth magic is only said to give the damned but a brief rest. The Ravi's information seems to corroborate other sources that say those who die on these cursed lands simply are forever property of the Jinn to be revived by his dark powers over and over again, with no way out but by his mercy, which is rumored to be practically nonexistent. They call these damned Souls the Skalish. Even worse there are said to be Moral/Jinn hybrids known as Shiqq whom directly command these damned spirits and are said to be cunning and clever and incredibly loyal servants to there Jinn Master, not much of there abilities are know, but it is suspected they may have some lesser Jinn magics.
They are not the only threat however, there are always other dangets in the wilds sandworms, quicksand, and the Ravi and all Qettak most Hated enemies Saghar (Gnolls) of both the Children of Cacotta and there rivals The Devourers of Death have been known to skirt the Boarders and have small skirmishes just outside of the black sands. Supposed neither group is bold or stupid enough to actually enter or fight within the black sands unless for a seriously important reason.
Who will the Mystwalkers and Allies handle this foriegn land know as the wilds?
Will they succeed where so many have failed before or will they join the ranks of Evil Undead Jinn's vast horde?
Finds out this Saturday as the players head into the cursed black sand of Mawet Atu.

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