Introduce yourself...

My staff and I have decided to give some background on ourselves so you know where we are coming from and our experience. I dont really know many of the Alliance community so if you feel the urge to share too then be my guest. So far our team consists of me, Luke Goldsmith, John Perkins, and Mike Meeker. There are a couple other "behind the scenes" people but I'm not sure if they want to be acknowledged...

Anyway, I'm Matt. I'm originally from California. I was in the army for 14 and a half years as an intelligence analyst. I started playing paper and dice games when I was a sophmore in high school(so 18 years worth, now) and started running my own games after I had a firm enough grasp on the rules, a few months later. I have contined to run my own games everywhere I've had to travel due to the military. I had come into contact with my first LARP in 1999, but it lost my interest quickly due to the paper/rock/scissors style of fighting. Last year, I met John Perkins and Luke Goldsmith and they introduced me to boffer fighting, and told me that there are many games out there that use this style of fighting in fantasy role playing games and the one in particular Luke recommended was Alliance. I think its great! Getting exercise, testing your fighting skills in a safe environment, role playing through a story. Its like improve theater but your stage is this big park, or farm, or 4H camp, etc. The nearest one to us was like 4 hours away though, for me that was far when I first started out but I've since changed my mind about distance vs worth. And I understand a lot of you travel much greater distances to events. But the distance was initially what prompted me to pursue starting a chapter in VA.... Even though at the time, I hadnt actually been to an event yet. Eventually, after doing some research and deciding that yes, I did want to do this. I contacted Mike and went to my first couple events. The events were amazing of course! I'll never forget it. I'm sure no one ever forgets their first event. I got to play a High Ogre Shaman Tribe Leader... The PCs came to tell me how to fix a curse that had befallen the land. The Gypsy lady who was deemed the spokes person for the group seemed quite nervous... and I didnt seem to help her much by slamming my goblet on and weapon on the table when I misunderstood what she was telling me... :) but it all worked out and they left with some tokens of my gratitude. That was the highlight of my first weekend. Well... I think thats it... if there are any questions, then you are welcome to ask.
thanks for reading.
John couldnt post this himself, for some reason so I posted it for him. He is known on the boards as Durion_silme. -Matt

Hello everyone! I'm John Perkins. I'm originally from Indiana, near Chicago. I've played a good number of RPGs since High School and ran several games. I play quite a bit of everything Games Workshop related and am deeply knowing of the fluff. I've been in and out of some form of fencing for about for almost 8 years. I've been practicing magic semi-professionally on and off for about 20 years now. I'm also deeply passionate about reading anything fantasy and fiction. I am highly knowledgeable/excited about anything that relates to Elves, good or bad, as well. I've been in and out of SCA for about three years now. I'm also semi-addicted to archery, real and fake.

After high school, I spent some time in the Air Force hanging a bit around Texas and a lot around Las Vegas. After the Air Force I moved back to Indiana for a short time. In Indiana I was introduced to my first buffer game, Dagorhir (and Belegarth) by my two oldest friends. I spent a little over a year traveling non-stop to events and practicing (with my friends unit at the time, "The Knights of Chaos"). After that, I moved to Charlottesville, Virginia for work. I encountered Matthew Mendoza at work and eventually Luke Goldsmith as well. Luke and I were responsible for the creation/running of a Dagorhir Chapter in Charlottesville. Shortly after we created the Chapter, Luke introduced me to Alliance. Several early and cold mornings before work later, Luke had convinced me that Alliance is something I wanted to be apart of. I wasn't able to make any events as the season was closed. I eagerly awaited the opening of the Alliance season. While I waited, I worked on the creation of a Dagorhir based unit ("The House of Darkmoon") inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves (Druchii). Sadly, I was sent overseas due to work. During that time, I helped draft and write many stories/concepts for the Charlottesville Alliance Chapter. I look forward to working with everyone that hopefully help staff and play at our new Chapter.

I'd like to thank Matthew Mendoza for allowing me to run amok with my wild ideas. Luke Goldsmith needs also a special thanks for introducing me to the game (and being patient enough to teach me the rules). And a big shout out to Mike V. for not only approving our Chapter, but signing off on a storyline line that I had a major hand in.

Well, I think that wraps up my introduction as well. If your have any questions for me, please feel free to post or PM myself. I look forward not only to seeing a lot of you at Alliance C'ville, but PC'ing (and some NPCing) with you all at HQ and G'burg (hopefully some other Chapters too!).

May your adventures be never ending,
John Perkins


Hi, I'm Luke!

I've been around RPGs since I was about 8 years old and my brother's High School friends would come over for sessions of D&D. When I asked to join in, I was handed a stack of red-covered books and told I could play when I'd read through them all. I decided I'd just help out by drawing dungeon maps and riddling them with all kinds of secret trap doors and hidden passageways, instead. Between then and High School, I played a lot of computer and console RPGs until I finally found a group of tabletop role-players. Then I was re-introduced to D&D (3e, this time) and to White Wolf's old World of Darkness books. My first introduction to LARP was trying out the Mind's Eye Theater system in a buddy's back yard with characters we threw together and using cards to test abilities, kind of like what happened to Matt. It was awful, so I went back to tabletop gaming, trying Cyberpunk 2020, Exalted 1&2, D&D v3.5, nWoD, etc. I also joined the Marines which took me away from my gaming buddies and off on some exciting adventures elsewhere.

A couple years later, I was introduced to Amtgard and boffer fighting. I wasn't fond of all the politicking and how their game conflicts were so intertwined with their real-world conflicts, so my affiliation with them didn't go beyond showing up to practices now and again. Years later, I was fortunate enough to work with a guy named Paul. Paul was more than insistent that a bunch of us from work all go try out this LARPing thing. We watched Role Models and made some weapons and shields. We talked about our characters and what the event would be like, but Paul just insisted that we "have to try it to see what it's really like". We did and it was my first game of Alliance at the San Francisco chapter. I fell in love. The people, the story, the immersion, trying to keep tabs on a bunch of young Orcs who flew out the door at the faintest hint of something to beat was AMAZING! And all the conflict ended when "Game Down" was called!

Fast forward another 3 years and my work has taken me to Virginia. I met Matt and John, started a local Dagorhir group with them, and began asking them how they would feel about running a more immersive game than just "fight club with foam swords". They agreed to do it and so we contacted Mike V.! Now that the chapter has officially opened, I cannot wait to show you guys what we have in store for you! It's going to be an awesome ride, wherever it takes us, and I hope you'll join along in the fun!

-Luke G.
I had the chance to meet and play with Luke and John this past weekend at HQ. I have a feeling your chapter is in good hands. Good luck guys!



I'm excited to see that this game is coming to the area. Would I have met any of you at Numina by any chance? And what campground are you thinking of running out of?

Luke went to a Numia event a couple months ago as a show of good faith that we could share players and help each other out with NPCs. We'll be at Holiday Lakes too.


Hi, I have been doing this for a while starting in MA and now wherever is a good game at a reasonable distance from MD. I hope to make it to play with you all...and I hope there will be interest from some others in NOVA.

Joe S.


I have met Matt. Seems like a good guy and he was army so +. I also have had the chance to fight along side John and Luke. Not bad for chair force and a jarhead. ;) I hope to make it down but it doesn't look like it will be as soon as I hoped. :(
Hello Everyone,

I met Matt, Luke, John, and Mike at the "Meet the Staff" on Oct 25th, I think. I have been Tabletopping since High school and I've done a bit of acting but this'll be my first LARP in December. Looking forward to it.



It was great to have you come down to see us, Greg! Can't wait to show you what a full event is like in December!