Is interrupted defined?

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Some places in the book, particular actions are stated to interrupt an action.

Killing Blow
If anyone strikes you during the count
(even if the strike does not affect you), or knocks
your weapon away, then the Killing Blow is
interrupted and fails to kill the intended victim.

If the regeneration time is interrupted by a
weapon blow or a spell that affects the creature,
the process must begin again.

Refitting Armor
“Refitting” a suit of armor takes a complete uninterrupted
minute during which you can perform no Game Abilities and cannot walk around.

In other places in the book the word interrupted is used without any additional description.

First Aid
The skill requires a full uninterrupted minute. If interrupted
while giving First Aid, then the one-minute “Death Countdown”
continues where it left off when the First Aid was started.

Herbal Lore
After three seconds, a character with this skill can tell whether it is
alchemical in nature, and after an uninterrupted minute of this
roleplaying, can determine which alchemical substance it is.

The first three examples, (Killing Blow ,Regeneration, Refitting Armor) give three different qualifiers for what is an interruption. Specifically to interrupt regeneration the weapon strike has to affect the creature, with killing blow it does not. Refitting Armor has no mention of weapon strikes at all.

My question is whether 'interrupting' an action is the same across all the board, like breaking concentration skills, or is the word interrupt just a verb without implying any specific set of rulings.



In the 1.3 ARB, an action is "interrupted" if:

- some specific condition listed in the action occurs (like Killing Blow and striking the attacker)
- the character stops using the skill/action
- the character may no longer use the skill/action (for example from Dying)

There is no universal "this thing interrupts actions" definition across the board. Thus, for example, striking someone who is refitting armor does not automatically interrupt it so long as the target is still conscious and can still perform Blacksmithing, as the "refitting armor" definition does not specifically list being struck as an "interruption".

-Bryan Gregory
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