item for sale


For sale: 20 rit perm celestial short sword. LCO (traverse) (oog. I am looking to sell this as to look forward to the new rules and possibly a race change again.... but would not be able to use it and being it spirit locked to me I would hate to dfm a perm so I don't have it on me) Item on it Resist destroy magic

Monster slayer elemental foundation +8

Damage aura +3

Bane eldritch force x2


Item recall pyke

Spell store 10 celestial

Channel spell prison x7

Channel spell Dispel x 1

Channel spell Solidify x 1

Expanded enchantment magic storm x3

(oog with new rule set up, there will be 3 rituals that would have to stay but that will leave 17 open)

Price is at 80 gold to start. (Includes physrep. Latex sword).

Can be paid over some time if you want it and cant afford it all at once


I wouldn't be too hasty, the magics are quite strange and constantly in flux. You might be able to make use of this item.



This sword may harm me so I'm proacting a sale so I may save it for another adventure and keep me from helping out another adventure.


(oog. testing out biata race change. having a perm spirit locked item would not be nice to have)


I will give you two gold.... and you can be in the gang for real... Maybe