January 2.0 Playtest Pre-Registration! - NOW CLOSED

Lia Lonalys

Kansas Staff

For all in-coming registrations, please follow the directions below for print-screening and sending along your character sheet!!!

2.0 Event Date: January 18-20, 2019

Good day populous! Pre-registration is now open for our 2.0 event!
The Character Management Application (CMA) is now running, but bugs are still being worked out.
Thank you all for your patience as we begin the transition to the online database!

TO-DO Items for Pre-Registration:

1. Pre-Register and Pay!
Remember when filling out the form to *Make a Copy* first, then email a link to Logistics at

2. Create your character at the new Character Management Application (CMA):
- If this is your first time accessing the new application,
click the "Forgot your Password" button and follow the emailed directions.
- Email not recognized? Contact me and I'll inform you what your email is for our chapter!
((Contact logistics ASAP if you log in and have no character info with which to make a character or cannot log in. Fixing this CANNOT be done at the last minute.))

- There is no delete or back button right now in the new database.
- Do not make any changes unless you are absolutely certain you know what you want.
We recommend using the Character Builder Spreadsheet one of the amazing game members created.

3. Register your character via the CMA for the event!
Once created, you can go to the event and register your character!
- Register whichever character (or nameless character) you want to receive credit on!

Without a character registered, you will not earn XP in this new system!!!

**Characters must be finalized 1 day after pre-registration.
This is when I will pull character sheets for the game!**

  • Our event will be using the standard 100GS Production Purchases. We want you to get used to the new system as it is, and will not be trading in/swapping old tags yet. This is a playtest.
  • Testing two builds (not two characters).
    If you want to try two different builds, swapping at logistics reset, see below!!!
Travelers, 2nd Builds and those with no CMA account:
**The pdf needs all sections visible from Character Name down through all Purchased Skills. **

Remember, the CMA is still in its beginning phases. Your actual character cards are still with us in the old Database. Thank you for your patience during this transitional process, and we look forwards to seeing you in game!!!


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Lia Lonalys

Kansas Staff

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