January 2019 Favorite Moments


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I'll start.
  • NPCing as an undead in one of the Saturday night fights, running up to my necromancer for some healing and having him call, "10 Spell Healing, 10 Spell Healing". I turned to him said, "healing?" and then fell over onto my face. We all had a good laugh about it.
  • The entire plot arc with Ser Juven Desecration and Baroness Hivius. We thought we could eek out a victory there and instead it turned into ash in our mouths. Yay!
  • Seeing things finally come to a conclusion with the actions that Khyriel had performed with the King of Dreams and the Stone Caste of Valenzia. Being involved in those council discussions was enjoyable OOG, even if we were preaching some very serious IG repercussions.
  • Then-magistrate Hengin pantomiming a dagger duel he was involved in.
  • Now-magistrate Hava jumping right into action with two notable decisions. I respect Zaz's willingness to dive in straight away.
  • Raising my two former Armsmen into Squires. Also, Killian is an Armsman now!
  • I can now add "having the laurels of the local Baron whom you are sworn to protect thrown at your feet" on my "horrible ways to wake up" list.
  • In general, NPC shenanigans. I always enjoy my time double-hooking.
  • I loved my roguish build, but it is also apparent that, at least as Durnic, I am really counted on to be in the middle of the line. United Blow is very good.
  • Meeting Mack. Aspen did such an amazing job of being humble, I was remiss that I could not spend more time IG talking with him.
  • Talks with Tanis about nobility, our roles in society and other topics of duty.
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-Finding out 'Vina's only survival instinct is to feed it. Take note, NPCs lol.
-Plotting espionage with Eliza. I mean, what?
-Getting to brainstorm some very.. different ideas for goods transport with hengin and durnic.
-Thud and layns rp of a deal with an elemental Sunday morning.
-Getting to pass the buck on having to explain the fae relm issue with a sad Valenzian to Killian. I wasn't ready to cry yet that day. Im starting to feel targeted, Luke! Lol


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- Being made an Armsman was amazing

-Seeing Ulric get to become a Squire

- My resurrection story from Luke

-Amory and Ian taking great joy in my resurrection story reactions

- Getting to lead the battles is always a high point for me.

-Getting too far out and being bound, pinned, confined, disarmed. Then chopped down like a tree.

- Pretty much all the conversations I had with people.

- Performing my duties as Reeve.

-Using my High Ogre passport as I went to see Otavi

-Getting to site early enough to see all of you and help out.


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I was not expecting what I got this event, but it was absolutely perfect.

#10 More of Meryk's eccentricities.
#7 Trying to set some of Khyriel's affairs in order in case the worst happened. Lodestones to be shared with a mentor. Attempting to reconcile the uncomfortable possibility that he might not be able to fulfill a critical promise to his dearest friend in the time available to him.
#11 Luke: "Queen stank! Mixer left frikking lightning beetle queen stank in my lab and that's why they're all over us!" Twenty or so hours later: "Down with the monarchy!" "Protect me my loyal beetle subjects, kill the false queen!" "Lyn would you like to be the general of my new army?"
#8 Waiting outside on the front porch of the tavern at nightfall, tensing each time the door opened. Then when Squire Travis walked out, stopped, and said "For what it's worth..." it was the final confirmation of what he knew was coming ever since he saw Baron Hivius and General Liam sat down together earlier that afternoon.
#5 The sentencing. Weighing which punishment might be considered the greater betrayal of Biata tradition were he to accept it.
#2 The duel and Aqua's defiant pride. A mirror of his past, untempered anger reflecting in her eyes. A certain bitter satisfaction in denying them his humiliation. Completely worth the 1/ever dodge.
#4 Leuta's resurrection story, and their chat afterwards. Cranes and phoenixes and moving forward, no matter how hard it is.
#3 Finally getting the damn polearm enchanted by the very magistrate who sentenced him. Personal grudges, rifting undead, legal proceedings, sentencing, a duel to the death that was won by only a shred, and one slight mistake all conspired to delay it, but it was finally done. That weapon has one hell of a story to tell, and when I finally remake it proper there will be some "hematite" in it to bear witness to that.
#9 Flubbing my taunt at Drain in the best possible way. "Why can't you just adopt a cat?!" *Drain points to the Ocelotkin that she has corrupted and ordered to follow her* >=) "I already have"
#6 Going through an absolutely brutal battle that in the past might have resulted in myself OOG ragequitting the rest of the game and beating myself up mentally for how I felt and acted. It's been a looooong process and I still have to talk things through OOG sometimes to put everything in perspective, but it's been very, very worth it. Might still happen again, but I'm proud of this moment at least.
#1 Bart. Blood and burning ashes, Bart. After everything he's done wrong, Khyriel might finally have found one of the people he was really hoping to help from the beginning. The tally will never be even, but maybe there will be a few more on the right side of his final account than there were before.

Just god damn. This freaking plot team, NPC Guild, playerbase, and monster camp. I know I have zero external frame of reference, but I don't need it; I love this entire chapter right now.

Special shout out to @Paul N. who has played Oberon and General Liam. This guy deserves more credit.
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Thank you to everyone for such a great game. I'm still getting back into the swing of playing Amory, so my apologies if some of her interactions were off. But it's still so great to be back ^.^

Favorites in no particular order:

*Listening in on "Fashion talk with Bakie". Such a fun character to interact with.

*The odd relationship that’s forming between Amory and Killian.

*Lyot’s “punishment” for joining the undead out of fear – Being Amory’s apprentice for a year :|

*Stomping up to Killian being resurrected by Luke a little upset by that, only to realize Luke’s story was –far- better at getting Killian to pay attention than –anything- Amory had in her back pocket.
{As funny as it was as a resurrection story, I always enjoy Luke's unique way of telling the history of a place.}

*Ian reminding Amory that she’s dangerous enslaved, forcing her to back down from trading herself for Killian as a hostage – and following her Bandoleer’s orders/request at the same time.

*People bringing Amory Vultures to heal and un-enslave during the fight :| :| :|

*Ben’s Shade – both interactions with it were jarring and entertaining.

*The 2-normal/weapon shield fight with Ben’s Twisted Stone Elf Saturday night… A part of me really wanted to see how long we could keep that going.

*Screwing up and pushing to give the lighting beetles the mushrooms/food stores, then having that turn into needed information on the local fauna.

*Squire Thomas – just… damn…

*Buying a {probably overpriced} Haven of the Living for the Tavern, only to have one drop on a mod a couple hours later :|


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*Buying a {probably overpriced} Haven of the Living for the Tavern, only to have one drop on a mod a couple hours later :|
I have one, too, it is a town scroll. I would have given it to you. :p

Jason Barbour

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Guarding lightning-bug-queen Luke against the PCs, who clearly wanted to harm him.

And as we walked away to our new home hearing someone say "what happens if they turn on him when he's alone with them and kill him?"

Followed by someone else replying, "That's ok"


Standing behind charmed-tower-shield Gidget as she valiantly lept in front of packets to protect me from damage.


Morning coffee and breakfast, each day.


Flubbing a Create Undead as someone carried off another wounded PC. (If I'd gotten that one off it would have been so messed up)
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Man, so many good moments and I know I'm going to forget some.

So much metal armor.
Making Killian Squire Travis's armsman.
Walking through the tavern and "shushing" a player as I was going to try and gank Hivius.
Shade resurrection.
Squire Travis and the multiple very big deal things I now have to deal with.
"Dragon? Dragon. Dragon!" *makes grabby hands*
Everything Juven... just everything.
Turning victory to ash.
Late night Panthergaunt & Wildling lovers.
Throwing those laurels at Durnic's feet.
Everything Stone Elf: Emissary Emmett and quick change into Stone Elf Tainted.

I know I'm missing a lot. This was an amazing game, so gooooood.


Spending time talking, sparing, and learning with Lael/Tiny Cat.
The conversation where it becomes apparent that Coro is now literally herding cats at times.
Watching the face-off between Rumi and Durnic, the whole tavern was watching and some of the follow-up conversations afterward.
Jumping into an enemy occupied circle without backup (whoops), getting kidnapped and hearing Rumi's reaction as well as stories about it :)
Enjoying both the daytime fight and the nighttime lowbie fight, both were hard and a lot of fun.
Talks with Hush about our horns and meanings etc.
Let's see...

1:) Gambling with my life over a game of cards with Jack Diamond, not knowing that it would have been a perma death.
2:) double hooking... Why is it I always seem to be on the out numbered side?
3:) The whole kidnapping event and chasing NPCs from one cabin to another.
4:) Actually worrying about my friends you got mummy rot specially after experiencing it myself last event
5:) The trial story line was amazing
6:) The fight against Drain and getting put to sleep and dragged off
7:) Having my captors miscalculate how long I would be asleep and then me waking up and stealing a weapon from one of my NPC captors and going right into attack while still pinned
8:) Being enslaved during the Drain fight just to have Morriden get in a quick silence before I could receive any orders after being enslaved
9:) All the event cards I was able to do this time, not many encounters but having to use my "skills" instead was a new kind of fun
10:) doing an easy event Sunday morning that lead to not only possibly finding a really good keg of poisonous ale, but also to my individual downtime.

One thing I really missed this time though was that I never got a chance to disarm any traps... How can I keep my trap master if I don't get a chance to disarm any traps? ;)

Also so many more interactions I enjoyed but can't list or this list would just be a minute by minute account of what happened all weekend.