January Announcements!


Utah Staff
Hey Folks! Buddy wanted me to make a special post for everyone just to get the season off to a big start! Here it goes!

We would like to officially recognize some staff positions within the chapter. This will allow for better communication with any problems, concerns, remarks, or whatever in the future. These names will be updated on the website soon.

Buddy Sellers

Plot Team
Buddy Sellers (Head), Paul Iverson (Assistant), and Jesse Grabowski.

Buddy Sellers, Jesse Grabowski, and Paul Iverson. (More will be joining these ranks after they are cleared by Jesse Grabowski.)

Head of Logistics
Jesse Grabowski, with Paul Iverson and Katie Lewis-Kooring as his assistants until they are properly trained.

Jeff Goulding

Catering Staff
Tyler Sellers, Pat Wielkwitzm T Richard Brown, Kimberly Brown.

We would also like to announce some tentative dates for our future events! Please keep in mind that due to the nature of Utah Camps, these events are tentative. Once we get full confirmation from the park rangers we will be updating the dates accordingly. We are 90% sure we will be getting the slots as shown. We figured any information is better than no information.

March, 16th-18th, Camp Tracy (Tentative)
May, 25th-27th, Camp Mill Hollow (Tentative)
Aug, TBD
Sept, TBD
October, TBD

After careful consideration, we will not be doing game days as you know them. However, we will have time set aside for private modules, as well as fighter practices, craft nights, and special role play events. We are also eager to help the community by volunteering our time for certain charities, while also promoting the game. More on that at a later date.

We would also like to talk about In Between Game Actions and New Character Histories. The Utah Alliance Larp is dedicated to giving our players (both PC and NPC alike) a unique and fun experience that is tailored to your needs. As such, we strongly encourage you all to fill out the forms before and after the events. While you are not required to do this, we believe it will help with your general LARPing experience.

Once again, those documents are listed here:




Our team is working on many changes to the in game world. All of the content has been released to the public on both the Forums as well as Facebook. Please keep in mind that the forums are the main source of knowledge for the chapter and we try to update it as much as possible. We do know that this day and ages any form of communication is the best form, and we will continue to monitor our social media to update the public.
With that said, both our website and the forums will have all of the content, including Country Information and Interactive Maps before Season 1 launches in March. If you would like to see anything else added to the website or forum (or even facebook), let us know!

Please note that our Goblin Stamps are still being processed and may show an inaccurate amount. If you see any discrepancies, please let us know. We want to make sure that everyone receives the proper recognition for their help to our chapter.

Finally, we want to thank everyone for their patience and their help over the last few months! As the saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked! We are pushing for a really great season and hope to show everyone a good time. But we need your help! We are still looking for donations with props, weapons, armor, costuming and much more! If you are looking to help, please be sure to contact Buddy Sellers, Jesse Grabowski, or Paul Iverson, and we will tell you what we need.

We look forward to seeing you all soon! Watch the forums and our social media for some fun events in the future!

The Utah Alliance Larp Staff