January Favorite Moments


Kansas Staff
I'm in a car!! Driving all the way home, help me pass time and talk about all the cool things that we didn't get to see at game. Also, tell people about how much you enjoyed interacting with them so we all feel amazing!!

Lia Lonalys

Holy cow I had so much fun this event.

2.0 .. I was very skeptical about you at first but I had LOTS of fun playing with shwacky sticks.

I think fighting is the way for me now!

Favorite moments:

  • Meeting the new characters who traveled to Rumeria!
    • Thunder Lord Boris was a saucy, charming, and incredibly skilled Selunari. (not THAT kind of skilled. Get your head out the gutter!!)
      I was grateful for the worldly sorts of drama and roleplay that ensued between him and our ignorant parties throughout the event!
      Also, I owe him my epic soul. Literally. It was a joy to interact with you and I hope you'll come and grace us with your presence again!
    • Wulfgar!! It was my first time meeting you! After this event I can confidently say I support the statement that "Markov and Wulfgar are two of the most sound minded, honorable, and trustworthy persons in town." Roleplaying with you was educational and fun! I enjoyed getting to fight with you all and had fun watching you and Boris "hold back" against all the things. Lol. Your bits and pieces of backstory we got to learn were equally amazing!!! Now I am interested to learn if you ever find out more about that symbol on your shield!!
    • I only interacted a bit with Eleanor sadly, but her eyebrows. THOSE MAJESTIC AMAZING EYEBROWS!
      Need I say more? Not nearly as silly and whimsical as Birb, but an elegant and sassy fun thing in her own right. also, really cool costume bits. and Biata with head in scarf is successfully amazement. Thank you for humoring my ignorance! I learned quite a bit in character this event!!
    • MARKOV! YOU ARE MAGIC! Literally and figuratively. Thank you for all of your help. I enjoyed learning the theories behind blight, corruption, and the different things that cross between our mists when we all went to tackle the blight bear which turned out NOT to be a blight bear and instead were blighted Dryads... who knew?!!??! ... probably would've helped if I could hear things... stupid hat. THESE LONG EARS DO NOTHING! Your skills with potions, greatly appreciated!!! heck. It felt weird not to know potions anymore lol. but those mushrooms!!
      I'll make sure to be looping you all in (those who participated in the mod) as to what I find about those weird mushrooms!
  • Eleanor, Boris, Wulfgar, Markov, and of course Puck!!! Thank you for making the crazy long treck to come and play with us!!!

  • Event-centric things:
    • Lilliana's breakfast bake was the most amazing thing in my whole life. I think so long as we do that every event, I will look forward to it all month. holy crap.
    • THE WEDDING!!! A thousand congratulations to Lillianna and Illise!!! Not only was it beautiful and picturesque with the snow, but I learned quite a bit about your Selunari Culture!! It gave rise to questions in game that will hopefully result in more character growth hahah!!
    • ZAKAR!!!! I mean HALLEND...That one thing. That we probably shouldn't have done but did anyways and I got chastised by you-know-who for but learned things about you-know-whats you-know-where and you-know-why!!!!... I think Lia is going to pick your brain in the future about some of your prior shenanigans. The more I have the pleasure of interacting with you, the more crazy shenanigans I get to be a part of. But the more I wonder who exactly 'Hallend' is... >u> way to go you shifty sly fox you.
    • BATTLING BUTTERFLIES and BEARS oh my!! The strung together encounters of the bear and butterflies was pretty fun! AND THAT DARNED FISH FINALLY GOT USED!! Lol. It was weird.. I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT BUTTERFLIES USED TO ATTACK US WITH!!?!?! Did they flutter us to death?! Bat their super cute wings at us and it hurt?! did the tiny straw appendage turn into a whip?!?!? I will never know. ... But for a moment one landed on my stick and it was magical. LOL. THOSE MUSHROOMS THO.....those mushrooms... Now a new mystery has been uncovered. Underground mushrooms and blight monsters.. oh my...
    • Gnoll battles! I didn't know what a Gnoll was until this event! So that was really cool. Also the costuming on their part was effective, creepy, and hopefully warm!!! Well done guys!
    • ICE ELEMENTAL BATTLES!!!! You gave Lia a reason to overcome some internal conflict about trying to kill things for no reason!!! Thank you for pushing her one step closer to 'Evil Tyrant Lia'.
    • So I heard a rumor the whole town got rolled....
    • So I heard a rumor that everyone is undead...
    • Except Eleanor.
    • And Lilly.
    • The mysterious white-haired Elf Teresa! I could not hear you over the hustle and bustle of the tavern so we didn't get to chat much! Lets hope you come back for more mystical whimsy.
    • THE GAME MASTER!!! I owe you a game sir. It was fun to play a game I could actually see an outcome to! Though we have all been amply warned about Fae... in Rumeria, I think we are fortunate to deal with one who simply wants to play games. Who enjoys a challenge, and who will taste our food and humor our humble culture. Lol. That was fun!! Lets do this again!... said no one ever about a FAE?!?! Congrats. You may be the first!
    • Nichiel.. Nikiel.... How the heck you spell your name?!?!? At first I thought you were just a sly trixy Sarr with a need for coin. Now... now I know better. Not only did you bring laughter and silly random happenstance (you sly trixy thing you), I now understand your motives, and value your methods. I will entrust future trade with you should I need it. It was gloriously fun roleplaying with you!! And watching your participation in the wedding!!!
  • Final notes:
  • Mia is an adorable shroom and I kind've want to see if she could grow one giant one, like a glowing shroom hat... that would be super cute.
  • Luciens' claws were on fire.......
  • Lucien makes epic tea!!!!
  • Serraby is adorable, sneaky, and makes cool crafts.
  • Araphae... you're a sly saucy sneak arent you? I see you... I see you >)
  • Gambit it probably the most loved character in town, but may not even know it. Thank you for being you. Please never change.
  • IT WAS AMAZING TO INTERACT FINALLY WITH THE KINALLEN DUO!!!! I never had a reason to before, but we got lots of heated roleplay, headbutting, and I learned your story a bit from Zeah!!! That was enlightening, and gave me more insight into your workings. I look forwards to the 'Kinallen extravaganza'!!! lol.
  • I LIKE SWORDS... I mean sticks... AM SO MUCH POWERFUL?!?! Thank you Boris for making my soul glorious.
  • Having so many layers makes it difficult for short people to reach pouches on their waist... must overcome...
  • THE SNOW WAS SO PRETTY! The entire land was like a dream.
  • Illise is now a sneak. bwehehehe. >u> so much stahb.
  • Sheriff Grunt ... we need you to help us make moral decisions for the town.
  • I miss The Jarl
  • Lol Wannabe Jarl mercenaries... the literal bear-fists... pfffff
  • WE ALL NEED TO LEARN TO PICK LOCKS... apparently...and not like skills.. like for real real pick locks...
I will miss you all until the next gather.
This chapter is amazing. Thank you for making everyone feel safe, at home, and for building an environment of fun so addictive we cannot help but return.
See you next gather!!!



Alliance Logistics
  • Wulfgar getting infected by Thunder Lord Boris, Selunari Curse lives on!
  • Lia becomes staff-user! Yay more staff! Your inquisitive mind and Bracers of Note-Taking would definitely fit in at Acarthia's Loremaster's Guild if you're ever in the area.
  • Zakar intentionally summoning a pantherghast, with predictable results. Would Elemental Slow globes have helped?
  • Teaching Serraby to pick a warded lock, even if it was pseudo OOG since I didn't have the skill this weekend. Picked it up pretty quick!
  • Casual boardgames with fae, nothing to see here...
  • Butterflies. Bears. Battlestar Galactica.
  • Slimes: The Plop Thickens
  • Watching Dwarf/Gnoll drama unfold
  • Hey guys whatever happened with that riot?


Here we go again...
lets start with some fun quotes that people will remember if you were there: "They're no friends of mine.", "There's no debt between family", "I'm not breaking the rules, I'm breaking the box!", "Swear on your trap-making skills", We Rift Out..."WHAAAAAT!?", "You've got a plan to get out of this, right?"
ALSO! Lily makes the best food! Just an FYI. Ok. Lots of fun was had and lots of drama, too. Faeander, we need to hang out more. Mia, I'm sorry I was so busy this gather. Polak? Ponar? Po-something... Illeeeeegal guy, it was good to see you again even if it was only for about 6 seconds and after you rolled the town. John, you know what I loved. John, you know who I still want to kill. It That Watches, thanks for the mind f**k, its helping Hallend right along on his journey. Lily and Illise... it was beautiful; you guys make me so happy. Please don't die. I finally got to hang out with my gnoll family! Yipyap for sheriff! Fae shenanigans. The Better Game Master, I realized I failed... I will be much more prepared next game. Borris! I'm surprised how much we have in common and it was fun to go blow things up with you. Bears are fun to fight and younglings are the best NPC's. Lia, I love bringing you along, but your name is an issue, sometimes. Maybe we can fix that... hmmmmm... Rennyn, stop fighting people in the tavern, damnit! Also, get better eyes. Serraby! I love how we work together! It's so much fun. Especially our new game! Lucien... ignore our new game... it's nothing, don't worry.

But yeah. This event was great, just like every other event. AND PEOPLE (other than me) ARE FINALLY DYING!!! :D (yes, thats a good thing. It brings lots of drama). Also, thank you Borris for helping me get to the circle again before the night ended.


Kansas Staff
Playing Eleanor was really fun this game! I enjoyed shmoozing and making friends all over again with everybody! Definitely need different eyebrows, though, those things were ridiculous :eek:. I think my favorite part of the entire weekend was probably the Saturday night massacre. Managing to survive alongside Ara, Ilise and Lilliana was *intense*, and it was so different then what I would've experienced as Madrigal!

Watching Zakar get beat up by the panthergast was funny.
"This is a bad show."
"The show hasn't started yet!" *promptly dies*
"...This is still a bad show."

Following Wulfgar and Boris so they could blow their unspent skills in the Blight. The Blight log which wants to *burn*.

Overall a really enjoyable game, even if my memory is bad :confused:.


Oh man, this game was a blast!!

All of the character interactions were great! Boris, it was fantastic to meet another Selunari, and it was really tense watching you come to blows with Rennyn in the tavern. Ilise and I uuhhh, almost joined in on that fight, so it could have been a big mess, but I had a really great conversation with Rennyn and Lia in the tavern later that I think cleared up some of the Selunari culture. <3
Gambit, Lilly owed you big time for bringing Ara back to life after the Saturday night massacre. She was terrified Ara was going to res, especially after she had to bring Ilise back to life....twice(?) that same gather. The wedding was really really great, and thank you everyone for showing up! That was such a special moment, and I was holding back tears the whole time Ara was doing the ceremony. Sure glad we Selunari have quick weddings, because the speed saved us some trouble from the Gnolls. You guys did a pretty great job of crashing our wedding, and it was fun to drunkenly fight. Certainly a heck of a start to the party! XD I was also so so happy to have Nakiel(?) at the wedding, especially after what happened to Dornwich. We'll be keeping an eye out for our other merchant and caravan friends as times grow more dangerous. Youngones, you're doing so great! 10/10 getting harder to fight y'all, and having fun/being terrified every time, haha. It was a lot of fun meeting new people, and seeing new faces around town! I had a lot of fun fighting alongside Eleanor, and Lucian (when you weren't killing us all as an undead, that is, hahaha).

I had so much fun this last gather, and I'm very anxiously awaiting the next one! <3