July 14th 2019 - Teacher Tags


Chicago Staff
This event we had a good 30-60 minutes where characters spent teaching one another various skills. Currently the CMA is not locked, as teaching is on the honor system while the Owners vote on how Teaching will be updated to reflect in 2.0. Along the same lines of that honor system, Please contact (by Email) the Logistics team who you used your teacher tag with, and what skill was taught. We can update the CMA to reflect the teaching, then no matter the ultimate decision of the Owner's vote, the Student's character is updated accordingly and will not need to be worried about later.

As always, any questions please make sure escalate to a member of Logistics staff via email.


Would it be helpful as a student to also email logistics if we remember what was taught, who the teacher was and if/when we applied the skill to our character?


If you already applied the skill to your character, logistics won't be able to add it. So maybe let them know as a time saver?

Logistics only needs to apply the credit for you if you learned it but are not yet ready to purchase it. That way the CMA will know about it if teaching becomes required.

Krystina F

In Oregon we have a sheet that has a list of Player Name/Character Name for the Teacher, Player Name/Character Name for the Student and Skill taught. It's kept in a central location all game (which we announce at Opening), then collected by Logistics at the end of the game so they have everything all in one place rather than a million emails after the fact. This may be something you might want to try while Ownership figures out how to deal with Teaching? I don't know how busy your Logistics team is, but it's been very helpful for ours, and our players (they tend to forget once the game is over).


Chicago Staff
I can second the form is great. Big West used it and all the needed info was displayed.