July 14th One Day: The Place Between...Preregistration


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Everyone as our first true Alliance 2.0 Event the preregistration is being done thru the CMA (character management application...please list food allergies under the notes section or send an email to logistics. Please follow the prompts for the preregistration thru the CMA, IF you have not converted magic items or production yet please list that in the Notes section or send us an email. As for magic items we will have tags for anyone who has submitted conversions and preregisters. Prereg will close Tuesday July 9th at 11:59PM!!

Location: Friendship Center: 5100 Sunset Lane, Country Club Hills, IL 60478 Room C in the back left....Just look for Vicki/Rob/Nate our goal is Logistics to start 9:30 AM with lay on about 10:00 AM....lay off will be about 4PM but may go later as game requires. There will be a light lunch served but details are being finalized on that so will update as we get closer.

Location: Friendship Center: 5100 Sunset Lane, Country Club Hills, IL 60478



The Cost for this event is $30 but anyone who prepays will get a $5 discount!!
Prepay to robertdautovski@yahoo.com

1. Lou M (Dhuvock)
2. David M (Dimply)
3. Nick R (Dolarth)
4. Jon M (Dawi)
5. Brian L (Corbell)
6. Leanne L (Skylark)
7. Sam S (Beryl)
8. Dwayne B (Shen)
9. Matt M (Desylvia)
10. Andrew N (Rusty)
11. Thomas M (Factor)
12. Ethan R (Iggy)
13. Kierra P (Cordelia)
14. Grant O (Tellin)
15 Derek S (Sam)
16. Daphne P (Eve)
17. Ben B (Xanian)
18. Gabe R (Red)
19. Kristen S (Dustie)
20. Ian S (Draco)
21. Brian G (Thaddeus)
22. Dahren V (The Gemclipper)
23. Alex D (Cooper)
24. Adam P (Adam P)
25. Jesse M (Ronir)
26. Matt N (Kalin)
27. Wade M (New)
28. Caity G (New)
29. Gerald N (Bourtai)
30. Dani C (Isabo)

1. Nate B
2. Carrie B
3. Rob D
4. Emma A
5. Amie W
6. Melaina F
7. Alex M
8. Vicki P
9. Ashe Y
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If we blanket and are part of the year paid plan do we register as that character and just note Pay-no-Play in the notes?


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Long term there will be a pass option for blanketing but is not live yet DO NOT prereg if you are not attending.

Credit will be applied for all passes after the event.
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It will be a typical park style summer one day. There will be a self contained story with combat and rp. There will be shelter available in case of rain but most everything will be done in full hopefully sunshine.


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Keep those preregs coming in. With the CMA prereg is super important-and super easy. Has anyone encountered issues?? Or generated any questions?? Make sure to reach out!!! But also do not forget to prepay for your event as that is what generates your discount for the one day!

Also to clarify- NPCs should wear garb for this event not the usual black layer base. NPCs also Pay $15 bucks at site and only $10 if prepaid to be clear.
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Does it matter if my name on the preg list is wrong? Im Nick R but its listed as Nick M


Hello, I made a thread about spare boffers and npc camp said maybe. I'd like to know for sure if I need to make some swords or if there's spares available. Is anyone coming player or npc who would be willing to loan out 1-3 boffer swords?

Thank you.


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As stated we are happy to help out but need more details as we tend to not bring extra gear to one days.


I have two fighters, need 3 longswords between them
Just to clarify, even if one of you has florentine and two weapon as skills, you still are only allowed to wield one long sword and one short sword, not two long swords.


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Super Important Update!!! Location Change!!

Location: Friendship Center: 5100 Sunset Lane, Country Club Hills, IL 60478 Suite C in the back left corner.

We have changed sites for the sake of having full access to real bathrooms and having refrigeration available along with air conditioning. Plus both an indoor area and a large pavilion in the event of rain. Staff will get in the building at 930, with a goal of logistics open at 10 now and game on by 10:30.

Large portions of the event will still be outdoors on one of the sites paths/the pavilion/or in the open field BUT the tavern will be indoors.

Also Lunch will be Pizza Hut we will have an assortment of pizza and wings. There will be a couple of gluten free Keto Friendly pizzas that we will cook on site as well. (Cali flower crust)


Does that mean I can take a picture of my armor and not have to haul it from Indianapolis?


Chicago Staff
Hello everyone!

With the exception of some of our new players whom are still getting established in the CMA. All event credit has been given out and the event is open for buyback for those players who were unable to attend.

All of our Pay-no-Play season pass holders, have also been given their credit as well.

As always if you have any questions, or are having any issues with the CMA; please email the Logistics team.