July 2019 Favorite Moments!

Hello friends! Did you have an awesome game? Do you want to talk about it? Here's the place to post your very favorite moments from the July game.


After fiiiinally getting my fuzzy tail back to game, I definitely had a good time. A few highlights from my event that made it feel worthwhile to have returned:
- Teasing "Tiny" (aka, Doomwing) mercilessly. Sarcastic back-and-forth banter with Mike is always good times.
- Sneaky stuffs! A ton of stealth/trap mods, including the most nightmarish trap I've seen in years. Hats off to whoever designed/setup the first trap in the vault.
- John F as the barrister. So hard to simultaneously panic IG and want to laugh OOG at the level of trolling. I now kind of want to point the barrister at all the town's enemies and fine them for their misdeeds.
- Kudos to all the NPCs for being good natured about the stupid things we/I do as PCs. I think I spent more time on the ground playing dead than actually fighting, so I appreciate you all for not stepping on me. ^_^ Bonus points to whichever NPC this exchange was:
Lagarde: "<teammate>, come get me!"
NPC: "Did you just speak? I thought you were dead."
Lagarde: "Um...yes?"
NPC: <hand on head> "I just asked that IG."
Lagarde: <hand on head> "Then I just answered IG because I'm dumb."
NPC: "Oooookay. Gonna be dead for real, dumb fox. 5-normal, 5-normal..."
- Thanks to Jesse for being a good sport with the corrupt that went somewhat sideways. I don't think he planned on having a smartass greater undead critiquing his fight.
- Karlee getting reeeally into character as the thunderlizard trying to eat my face through the CoP, while Kendrick just kept saying, "It's fiiine, we're fiiine, ignore them"
- Resurrection stories from Lagarde (who thought that was a good idea?!?). Sorry/not-sorry to all the people who were breaking character to laugh.
- Darren as the world's slimiest car salesman with the receipt gag.

I know there's a bunch more, but that's all I can think of right now.
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Go get a snack and a drink - my lists tend to be long, and I gave this event an 8, so I have a lot of favorite moments to recount!
  • Acarthia Times: Took me all weekend to read even as much as I did, which wasn't all of it. Paul. Bless you. 4 out of 5 on the short ribs, and THE WHITE STAGS. OMG. THE WHITE STAGS. <3 <3 <3 (PSA: If you find it challenging to get involved in plots and activity, the newspaper is FULL OF PLOT HOOKS. Go investigate some of those offstage murders in your BGA!)
  • Paul again: Starting off the event by getting a letter of commendation from the King himself! That was more precious treasure to me than a magic item! I beamed over that all weekend, read it to my team and guests, and will be dining out on that for years to come! Thanks for perceiving what really matters to a PC and delivering!
  • Been waiting to kill off Dargok since before the game even began since he was Acarthia's first enemy!
  • Sir Noah, "Checking in!" -- Anders doing the requested drive-by!
  • Seekrit meeting with Squire Demvarien! Paul, you bring such depth to your roleplay. I always enjoy that you're never even a little bit out of character. There is no part-time Demvarien.
  • Starting the day off right with yoga with Sir Noah in the Rivervale cabin!
  • New friends on Saturday afternoon: Ilise, and Sayer Wolsey - so much fun explaining the differences between my perception of DR fighting style as someone who doesn't play that game, and Alliance, 100% IC! Looking forward to more visits from both of them, and Ladymiss Tinsel Wolsey. Welcome!
  • Chances to bond with Peat, like earning the Achievement for her compliment on the beauty of Kate's dress white belt, and getting a sweet forehead kiss!
  • Reconnecting with one of Kate's best, lifelong friends: Baron Graham Wolsey -- we got so many poignant moments together this weekend! Watching the subtle encroach of influence of Port Tyrok on a friend. Seeking advice from a like-spirited friend about a moral quandary (screw you, Sir Garret Kane, for not allowing a knight some wiggleroom with a direct question!) Playing off of Graham at the open mic, and then working in some of his advice in my closing remarks at the tribunal. The two-part closure talk about the first time that a lower-ranking Kate would ever have to bow to her lifelong friend once she was no longer Baroness was... so meaningful IC! Probably in my Top 25 character moments of this whole campaign, really. The subtle moments thereafter, of bowing and addressing the Baron, and Graham's smirk thinking Kate was being sarcastic - and gradually realizing... not trolling, just well-mannered, and this is our new normal! Meeting returning Warchester on the dark road, and immediately leaping into the topic at hand, and picking up a certain letter -- reading faster than Graham, and getting to the "What...?!" moment in that letter! Helping Barrister Wolsey deal with a complex legal situation and EVERYTHING around that! Just such good roleplay this weekend, John Siadak, all built on a foundation of years of the same. Thanks for being my roleplay buddy!
  • Dan Begnoche's performance as the unfortunate Sir Parker Cardoso, Ducal Paladin Commander. Oh, poor Dan. You were obviously very well-briefed on a character history, and some nice details, and so I can only presume and hope that a big part of that briefing was, "You understand that you're going onstage to be ripped a new one, right?" You handled yourself with aplomb! "Sir Knight, when you come into the presence of a Baroness, it is customary to kneel." pause pause pause. (Mike Paxton, LOVED the after-event comment on Valarion instinctual response as much as if it had happened!) Dan and writing team, this was great! Thanks for sending in this character. Obviously well briefed, and I like an NPC with a real character history and motivations -- Dan, thanks for the sideways compliment on my plot write-ups which you subtly worked into character, which was cute! Not lost on me. :) You're really coming into your own on more complex roleplay characters, and I loved getting to see you as another noble. You handled this well, are a great cast for it, loved the detail on this character - and I look forward to arguing with this character again in the future since I doubt this will be the last time!
  • The Tribunal
    • THANK YOU to all the PCs who showed up for this. I know long courtly encounters are not widely popular here. Whether you showed up to support Darius, or support Mac, or support Rivervale, or just support some other players in an encounter that was clearly important to us -- thanks for showing up and showing support and interest! That warmed my heart OOC as well as very much IC!
    • Thank you to Darrin Myers, Ian Moriarty, and Jeff Loats for crossing over from your PC time to NPC as these characters you started while on Plot. That shows your excellent character in being willing to keep the continuity of the game in this way. Your roleplay was great! You seem like 3 real characters who live beyond just the moments of being onstage. Thanks for reviving your character histories, and I know you studied on your characters' points of view of the subject matter, and did your homework for this. You're aces!
    • So many highs and lows! So proud of Sir Darius - always! He spoke so well - always! The new laws are a big improvement, and I look forward to their publication. Great questions from the Paladins! I am chagrinned, but glad not to be let off easily, and pressed on having to give an emotionally difficult, but honest answer against a friend. Thank goodness for Open Mic Night to make up for it!
    • Sir Darius' closing speech. So proud of him throwing down over moral certainty in the need for good nobility! Saying some hard but necessary truths! Inspiring and evocative! And a big surprise of a greater compliment than even the letter from the King. This was the moment that wrapped up a hard year of a lot of ups and downs in emotional roleplay.
    • Douchewing.
    • Watching the Duchess make a bee line for Douchewing!
    • Waiting on pins and needles for a decision that I honestly could not predict
  • Getting some quality time with Duchess Ilianna to discuss a bunch of matters before the reswearing... "Sir Brom published a book?? OUR Sir Brom? My COUSIN Sir Brom? THAT Sir Brom??" I couldn't believe that Mary Rybus didn't really write that, it sounds so much like him! That was a cute and completely unexpected touch!
  • A surprise promotion opprtunity for Sir Kendrick and the roleplay that followed. (Thanks again, Madrigal LARP for good influence on inclusivity!)
  • Squire Connor and Watson's Ferry! Damn, caught offguard!!
  • Dia: teriyaki chicken was superb! Any food served in "bar" format = the right LARP food!
  • Dame Arikaya "knighting up!" So proud of our lady!
    • I can't compliment enough John Fawkes' roleplay as Barrister Gideon Woodbridge. This character has been onstage about 4 times previously since late 2017. Ordinarily he appears as an efficient, intelligent, learned, but emotionaless barrister with some very particular and important clients. This time we saw John perfectly portray his intention of "restrained anger." This calmly demeanored character was practically seething. I wrote this character. He's my creation. Normally I NPC as part of his team... and facing him as Dame Katherine? I was scared out of my wits! An angry lawyer was so much scarier to me than any monster! Fantastic encounter. Great details of roleplay, John. So excited for this story to continue, whichever side of the curtain I may stand on for it!
    • Every conversation thereafter, including with Nirrabex and Sandro, as well as others involved. Loved every minute of this and the potential consequences!
    • I also want to shout out to Jesse Grabowski for his roleplay as Tar'Nekesis in this. It reminded me of the 414 era of roleplay with Sir Jared. It made such a difference that Jesse was at leisure for the rest of the night, and not on a tight schedule to drop information and get back out of game again. I appreciated that the character returned on Sunday morning. He was very well briefed about the current storyline -- I liked the callbacks from years-old quests to find and destroy Doomwing artifacts. He seemed once again like a real character, and not merely a plot tool to be used if needed, and that really appeals to me. Good work!
  • Rivervale's Sunflower Ceremony for a departing Baroness and the release from oaths of fealty. It was perfect closure for this transition. Panax's heartfelt callbacks to our shared character history. Anders' doing the same, remembering that Kate started out as a mere sculptor and blacksmith in the court long before starting down the noble path. Belswin's sweet "Katie" in just the right application. Vandathron's two speeches of friendship, once then, and previously at the Saturnalia, about the first year of our friendship and mutual loyalty. John's continued refinement in subtle roleplay, and as emotional of a revelation as we'd normally see from Banks. Then reflections of a conversation earlier in the afternoon with Baron Darius about the revolving gyroscope of our character relationship as teacher and student, vassal and liege, and the loyalty in our partnership.
  • Reswearing oaths of fealty to Baron Darius: Our team has always done this well. We may be in our PJs (we HOPE to be in our PJs!) We may have snacks. But we roll out the infamous Kneeling Rug, and we've always done our oaths in live roleplay, and nearly always at events (maybe with a few team mtgs offstage here or there). Tradition and ritual are important. These were so sweet! So tired. "Do you wish to add anything else?" No, not usually -- nice choice, Anders! "Let's ____________ together!" So cute, Mac! Tried hard to remember all the words to the Knight's Oath, and I should've studied for the test. "Line!" Wasn't any less happy or less loyal than the first time I spoke the words at our very first weekend event in October 2013. Was a wonderful team moment (of so many)!
Thanks, everybody, for putting together a great game world in which we can share these rich experiences of dimensional character roleplay and storytelling!

Most likely see you in August,
Before I post this, I just want to personally thank EVERYONE who donated or loaned items, or who helped with setting up or tearing down the Saturnalia. I know it was a bit of a letdown party, but I am immensely grateful for all the help. Thank you. <3

Now, on to favorite moments!

*Friday night fight; holy CRAP, so intense! Talk about a scary and difficult fight. I can't believe how fast I tore through my magic.
*Becoming an official Circle Member of the Scions, thus completing another very important goal for Alis. It was a very small moment that passed almost immediately but I loved it anyway.
*Dan as NPC Paladin guy (tm) offering Alis a respectful nod and greeting her by title. It lasted literally three seconds but it is a moment I will cherish forever. It means so much to me and was such an awesome thing.
*Running a scavenger hunt for the pages. I felt genuinely like they both had fun and Arlen and Lumi were shining STARS as my helpers! Lumi won total bonus points by offering her Scion belt flag as the 'token worthy of respect' and THEN making the pages tell her WHY it was worthy of respect. Much impress. Arlen was hilarious by pretending not to notice the pages speaking to him which was enjoyed by literally everyone watching. I will be running more scavenger hunts for pages.
*Enthusiastic reunions.
*Rory's quiet Ukelele playing at dinner; a bardic performance that even Alis could get behind.
*The food, as always. I know it's a lot of work for you, Dia, but you do such a spectacular job. Also thanks to everyone for not shaming me for completely ignoring my keto diet and justifying it with 'it's my birthday, these carbs totally don't count'.
*Talking with Orsolya about her current woes and getting to play the know it all friend who gets just a little too pushy when she knows she's right.
*Enjoying a solid chunk of peace and lovely casual roleplay with Peat and Nirrabex while the sun slipped away and the storm rolled in. Lumi stopped by, too, which is always awesome!
*The banshees (what a GREAT performance).
*HUGE RP kudos, also, to Cassie/Casper who I rarely interact with directly but who is such a good roleplayer I had no idea she was Whisper until basically today.
*Dame Arikaya asking Alis for a hug.
*Teaching Parzivel about fingers vs. thumbs
*My team. No more need be said.
*Watching Bluwolf coming up with fun, non-fighty ways to use the fight pit, including animal guessing games and thumb wars. His battle cry during said thumb wars, "I AM A WIZARD!!!" will forever last in my mind.
*Very much enjoyed the brief discussions with new people, including Bjorneger.
*Madrigal's nervous face when Parzivel asked her to 'come here for a minute'.
*Meeting Kylie and his daughter's characters (Sayar and Tinzel!). I vastly enjoyed them both, and...even more weirdly...so did Alis. Also the moment when Parzivel said to them, "If you come back, you'll understand what this means; I enjoyed meeting you both."

Thanks for the great game, folks! <3
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  • I really enjoyed being surprised at how much I loved Sayer Wolsey. When I first started talking to him, I immediately put him into the "Needs to be dead" list and within 20 minutes he had me in the "Looking forward to our first dance at the Ball" list.
  • Full force response to Sandro yelling out "Ilyse, you're a moron!". Knox: "I'm a little disappointed at your response time."
  • More Sandro: "How about you just concentrate on not leaving anything behind."
  • Having an iron-clad backpack. In any normal fight I would have felt invincible.
  • Getting Lifed by Kendrick.... three full seconds before I died.
  • Nytillit being on the f***ing ball with the Intercepts.
  • The night of the well trained thunderlizards. Karlee kept us at bay with an occasional "60 chaos" reminder.
  • Arts & Crafts Hour with The Best Team (tm).
  • Finally educating Alis about how to count to ten on your fingers.
  • Tiny, squishy Ice Imps with Resolute.
  • Paul Mosher Sr. From beginning to end, a gentleman and a scholar. I didn't get to see Derek Reed much this game, which made me sad.
  • I have to agree with Leora that "I'm a WIZARD" is really the only awesome thing you can yell out during a thumb war.
  • Noah hugs.
  • 20 full seconds of Arikaya.
  • That sad moment when your GIANT KILLER NPC hits the mage with a 2 normal and the mage realizes that fighting this out with single short sword will probably be just fine.
  • Dinner Saturday was so great. Thank you, Dia. Also during the thunderlizard fight realizing I wasn't really sure what Peat does... or perhaps what she doesn't do?
  • 82 pts of armor.
  • Paxton's RP during the final fight on Sunday. He really made the PCs understand that there were questions, not just violence.
  • That moment that comes up every two games or so, where Kendrick shows up with a particular look and I realize how ready I am to spend my life and the lives of everyone who owes me fealty for whatever it is this time.
  • And of course... my favorite Texan:


Oh my what an event.
  • The first battle of the night, I was not expecting it to be so damn tough and last so long. The amount of times my friends were undead was sooooo scary. I am amused that we just autokill undead Scions. I am thrilled to never have to defend that tavern again. It is such a pain in the *** and full of murder chokes. I'm shocked we only had one rez and thankful for recharge prowess so our healers could get some lives back. Can we kill him for reals now?
  • The Banshees and the maybe princess? I love a good scream fight. Lumi having Endure elements loud noises just makes it so much better. I enjoyed being shrill back and telling them to shut up and be helpful if they'd like the child. XD
  • Also I loved Aneira's circle, perfect way to help the field all weekend.
  • Sandro is back! I was thrilled to have my old sass buddy back, it is hard to not sass winter and it isn't nearly as fun.
  • And my team <3 I think this is one of the first games this year that had almost the whole team (Except Thorgy) and while I didn't stay in the cabin it was great to interact with everyone. Poor Cynder and herding cats.
  • Snacky time, thanks for letting us crash. Especially when my baron and Cynder were being terrorized on the road. And I got Noah cuddles. Whaaaat. We were up so late, i did think the sun might come up as we walked to the tent.
  • Telling Ember she missed the guild meeting and was in big trouble. I love trolling her. And watching Ember write things down XD I never thought I'd see the day.
  • Hashbrown casserole. I love it forever. Dinner grain bar was also amazing. I love you Dia, we all appreciate you!
  • Meeting a new group of Wolseys. I LOVED my interactions with them, and definitely deserved everything I got. But I did finish the afternoon by telling Baron Wolsey I Knew what he could have been and was thankful for what he is.
  • Sitting with the pages and being asked to tell a great story about Lumi. I was like crap, nope not appropriate, nope nope. And then settled on the time Kendrick got us all turned human and then THE Lumi Storm happened and a lot of people died (225 i believe Lagarde said). The kids were delighted and I was pleased I came up with a story not about an orgy.
  • POPSICLES. Dia is a goddess of food and love of her people.
  • Hanging out by the Scion cabin for a hot second when I went to seal up the tent before the storm came. Those are three of my favorite ladies.
  • Smakky time
  • Warchester lunch time discussing the team with others. We may not be the ideal barony but I freaking love that team with all of my soul! I'm so glad I joined and made such wonderful friends.
  • Kendrick and Lumi trying to have a private moment to discuss their handfasting. He kind of deserved to be interrupted over and over after last gather and the Orange. But Acarthian/Sylvan wedding here we come.
  • Getting to watch Darius become Baron again. And commenting with Jax that I have to relearn calling them the correct titles after almost managing to get it right.
  • Fighting the PC's and watching Sparhawk just keep getting closer to the tavern. I'm glad that I can be a necro channeler since i still suck at being a regular spell necro.
  • Getting ready for the ball and having Cryn stop by and offering to let him read THE book while finishing getting ready with Peat. He maintained his composure well.
  • All the outfits I saw looked great. I was pleased I picked something battle ready for the sparring pit that also worked for going on a mod.
  • Mod Murder Mancer Karlee she's such a scary caster. We managed thankfully even though we had a healer with a life. Way to not so Warchester it yall.
  • I enjoyed helping the pages and watching Tinsel jump and wave around to get the taller person to see her. It is sometimes such a struggle. I was pleased to offer them my favor and pop quiz them.
  • Tavern and ball hang outs while waiting for the teams to come back. The ball didn't go as planned but I still had a great time with friends and acquaintances in the tavern.
  • RP with Darius and Kendrick about the eventual nuptials. I hope you got me a nice rock ;) And telling off Baron Darius, just because we have let one race stay in charge for quite some time doesn't make it right and certainly isn't inclusive to other cultures. I'll try and figure out to be a little bit of a lady.
  • Cabin time with Warchester. It was great to talk some both in and out of game about stuff. and Lumi got MORE cuddles. She's a lucky gal.
  • Howlbears at the Tavern. Watching the town tell Peat they think Lucky got out and NOT being willing to hurt it is so charming. I'm always so thrilled when the town acts in favor of Peat's needs and wants (Like horses for going to save the forest and an unplanned new town battle).
  • Killing a mike spider all by myself not seeing his friends coming for me.. I wasted a 40 flame evo bolt on him XD. WHOOOOSH.
  • Walking Lumi Storms. Are the best.
  • All the fun chats and roleplay had around the tavern. <3
  • Parz giving Peat the perfect solution.
  • Closing ceremony popsicles. YAAAAAS.
I likely forgot stuff. I will try to remember to come back and edit anything else that comes to mind.


As normal there was so much more, but its so much of a blur! It was a wonderfully fun weekend with lots of ups and downs along the way

  • Stalking towards Rivervale court members and a unhappy realization appearing across Ander's face as he starts backing up and asking "Visibly corrupted?" "Visibly Corrupted" and catching a web. Belswin then tries to take Connor in for a life, but... webbed, so he released him and got hit for his trouble before making sure Connor needed the life.
  • Reminiscing over what the past year has brought, focusing on the victories and happy times.
  • The amount of time I spent glued to Knox or Aenira's sides during Bluewolf's elemental mod since I was the ONLY person without the requisite magical assistance to survive the area, which lead to one furious handed blocking of blows from a Gargoyle as everyone else tried to get his attention...
  • The support of people during Sir Darius's proceedings, minus the moment when he made a remark of remorse of the people saying that they would do what he had done... then his motion towards Squire Connor and pointing out there were plants marauding outside. I spent too much time wondering what I had done at that moment.
  • Watching the swearing of Baron Darius as Baron of Rivervale was happy to see, as I missed the original...
  • Surprisingly emotional roleplay with Vandathron.
  • Sitting with Peat Moss and relaxing before the evening mission to cleanse the water elemental, followed quickly with a lovely walk with both Peat Moss and Aenira. Even though it was cloudy, the view was lovely in the back valley.
  • The description of Vandathron and Squire Demvarian's explosion if they had to go in last to a dangerous room as to make sure no one attacked us from behind!
  • Support form Knox at an idea of what to research for the Mage's Guild.
Unattributed quotes:
- "Time for Walkies?" "You need to go again already?"
- "As you cut into the body you see the eggs and they start bursting as tiny spiders start pouring out of the body and crawing up and around..." *20 Spell Strike Flame* "Woosh" "Auuuugh! *glares*"
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It was so good seeing everyone again after nearly 2 years away! I was only there from about 5pm Saturday through closing ceremonies, so I missed a lot (as I read through everyone else's favorite moments and am completely lost) but...
  • Hiding in NPC camp from the hail shortly after getting on site and setting up my tent in the rain. Catching up with people, saying hi to everyone. There was a moment where I overheard Paul Senior talking about elemental plot, which I'd heard a while ago was dormant and had been sad about, and I got excited and exclaimed something about how I was really glad they were still doing something with that. He looked at me for a moment and went, "I don't think we met yet, who are you?" and when I introduced myself, said "YOU'RE Dani!" Apparently my copious documentation on the Google Drive is helpful and gets used, so that was good to hear! And I just am so glad that the elemental worldbuilding and elemental marks story is still going, because of all the plot and worldbuilding David and I did, that was my favorite, my "baby" as far as story/lore goes. Seeing all the elemental marks as I walked through town was also a delight.
  • Arriving in the tavern, getting a big hug from Alis, and then her immediately asking "So what's it like dating Hildr'?" Orsolya was so flustered. Because they're not. Why does everyone keep thinking this. (Oblivious, in-denial Oathsworn, is why.) And all the subsequent conversations where Alis refuses to put up with Orsolya's denial of her own feelings. ❤
  • The reactions from people when Orsolya introduced herself as being from Horse Tribe. I honestly wrote the Horse Tribe culture notes for my own character reference and never expected it to show up in game. (I am still so sad I couldn't make the June event due to being out of town.) That was really cool to encounter!
  • Lagarde! :D We didn't get to interact much in character, but it was such a delightful surprise to see Jim there, as I thought he was retired from Alliance. Also a surreal full-circle experience, as Jim was at that very same site of Beaver Ranch at my first NERO Empire event in Colorado, back in 2008 when I first moved here. Back then, Jim played a lemur-kyn named Faulker who took a group of us newbies under his wing in my first couple events and led us on some mods, hanging back as a powerful healer and letting us handle it all, only stepping in to make sure we didn't die. Jim's always been an incredibly generous player and is always so much fun to roleplay with, so it was a treat to see him at this event.
  • Dinner on Friday, sitting with the Scions and getting to know them a bit better in game. I've only really interacted with them as NPCs and plot, never got to have long conversations in character with them, and it was a delight! Especially chatting with... was it Arlen? Scion who's started in the past couple years. Really fantastic conversation about "Who are you outside of what you do?" Asking Orsolya her own question back to her led to some dawning realizations for her about her own path.
  • Talking with Puck and... some Celestial caster from Oregon whose name I don't remember? On Saturday evening, outside the tavern. Talking about elementals, elemental marks, the native-to-Fortannis-or-not nature of elementals, and the idea of how balance in Fortannis is maintained or disrupted. It was a big relief for Orsolya to discover new ways to navigate the tension between her path as an intermediary and her new(-ish) oath as Oathsworn.
  • Conversations with various people who've traveled the mists. I've never done any traveling in Alliance before going to Utah's game, and it was fascinating to swap stories of other shards, and that people here knew of people back in Dragonhold, and had additional perspectives on them to share as well. Discussing cultural differences was also really fascinating and enjoyable! For example, talking with Puck about people back in Dragonhold. Being asked if Orsolya knew the Emerald Falcon was startling, but really well-timed for Orsolya's recent experiences. I want more roleplay between Orsolya and Puck, please.
  • Rune reading with Alis on Sunday. I don't cry often at larp, it takes quite a bit, and I can't do it on cue. I have to be deeply enough in character and then my character has to be deeply affected - but I definitely felt my eyes burning at one point. Orsolya was pretty close to tears. Also all the subsequent conversations about relationships, service, places-of-belonging... this was all the sort of roleplay I was hoping for from this event.
  • Being near enough to witness Darius ordering a killing blow of the smarmy artist to try and placate the corrupted people demanding his death. Paxton's corrupted character standing over the body, full of tension and wounded fury (such good roleplay and emoting on Paxton's part), saying we cannot life the artist, he must resurrect... and then the order to kill him, and the artist getting lifed, and just... feeling so upset about the whole scene as Orsolya. Mac plays such a fabulously complex character; Darius is both likable and hateable all at once, and really embodies Acarthian imperialism, which can be a rough edge to play, but adds so much to the veracity of the setting and to the social fabric of the game. Thanks for even further cementing Orsolya's mistrust/disdain/dislike for nobility. ;)
  • Seeing how far everyone's come in the past two years! Baron Wolsey?? He was a squire when I was here last! And Sir Kendrick who was also a squire for ages. And how much Puck has changed and grown! And Alis as a full Scion now. And... yeah, it was just incredibly cool to see all the character development and progression.


It was a great game. I really needed something fun this weekend and was not disappointed.
  • Official meeting with Warchester for an interview. Sharing some details about Korric that not many people know about. And then providing puzzle aid for a mod with them later on.
  • Peat asking if I was a good kisser.
  • Peat in general, such a kind heart, such great food and support, game would not be the same without her.
  • Not having to deal with beaver ranch likely ever again.
  • NPC on the air mod. I'm not normally a fighter, going from 14 body PC to 120 body NPC was a great new experience.
  • The brief marked meeting. Thanks Ember for the food, the rope puzzle, and the conversation. I know there were some other newer people there that leaned a lot of new things. I learned new things too, like the alcohol aspects of the water/death mark. Woo hoo.
  • The water mod was good despite the required weather related changes. NPCs really helped that work out. Indoor fighting was tight, but finishing off that last shark with lightning channeling under water. Knox kind of giving me 'oh' that look as I took vengeance on the shark. I never did trust her though... Which is great on behalf of NPC play.
  • Discovering more details about crafting and the merchants guild. Wish I could have made that meeting, I still have much to learn.
  • Plot team for being awesome.
  • NPCs for being awesome.


It was a amazing game. A lot of unexpected things happened.

* Not resurrecting with some people in the room and watching the healers switching places a lot in the circle thinking it was them.
* Ending up with Lagarde as the person to resurrection me was the best story I've heard in game so far. My some of my favored quotes were " Don't go to the light, come back to the dimly lit slightly smelly tavern." and "When you come back please don't eat my face off."
* RPing as children with the group that went on the mod as well as Ember and Cynder.
* getting corrupted and going into attack the tavern.
* Mostly keeping up with Sir Noah as we went around the tavern a lot of times.
* Talking with Puck and learning some more elemental stuff. As well as him playing dead really well.
* Watching Sir Darius become Baron Darius.
* seeing Van having to take a Amnesia followed by a Intoxicate and swinging his star fragment around.
* Getting to slap a button that had a hand print before others could do anything about it.
* Getting to talk to some PCs I've seen a few times over the years but didn't end up talking to.
* Thank you to all of the NPC's that helped me run my mod!
* All of the NPC's were amazing!
* Big thanks to plot for all of the amazing things they right!


Denver Staff
Random smattering of memories... (wow, this got long).

Who knew Sandro would be such a great "shady uncle" for Lyari? You're wonderful, Nick!

Friday night undead fight... wow that was a deadly fight. Corrupted 4 times. We needed so many Life spells. Came within a minute of rezzing. Lost my shield to a disarm and couldn't find it in the dark so that we could use the Life it had stored in it. Then, of course... I never needed that Life for the rest of the weekend.

Late Friday night I settled in with Owen. He fell asleep... and ~20 minutes later the freakin banshees let loose. It for real scared the crap outta him. He needed some reassurances and I feel bad for the people of Conifer who dind't have someone nearby to explain what was going on. I believe props go to Emily, Sierra, Dia and Mandi on this.

Speaking of Emily and Sierra... I'll pick out one small thing from all the great stuff they did. The room with the electrified rod was really great. Good puzzle, great callback to the name of the group (there were white chess pieces used to solve a puzzle, and their group is the White Rooks!). Fantastic mod all around!

Leading 2 kiddos and 2 adults off into the woods to find treasure, I was SO worried it was going to be a fruitless search. But after I took off tot the top of the hill I found the right destination, and we found the first clue (thank Earth). Thank you for the company Arc and Ivalette! Also... so much walking for little legs. Thank you for the really fun treasure hunt, Jenn, and for the interesting storyline Derek!

Callback to June when I first escorted the pages on their 5-stop treasure hunt. They love the "follow this clue to find the next clue" treasure hunt (especially with a load of treasure at the end). But they were APPALLED by how far Jenn was willing to walk to bury tiny chests.
Quotes from our walk around the *closest" of the possible hiking loops:
"Would someone really go this far out?"
"Why can't I roll uphill?"
"I'll wait here until you come back down."
I'd like to apologize to the necromancers that worked for the late Dargok the Unsaveable. Cryn was unexpectedly dumb when you corrupted him. He did not do effective work on your behalf, as he should have. [I didn't realize I would immediately switch from a Healing to Normal as my carrier when attacking mortals, so I didn't do much damage on behalf of my Necromasters.]

I am so grateful to everyone who welcomes and engages with the Pages in general, and with Owen in particular. Thank you, Leora, for making plans for them as part of your party. The kindness and generosity of this community shines through everywhere.

I enjoyed reprising my role as Sir Nolan Barret, the soon-to-retire Paladin who served on Darius Wagerset's tribunal. I think everyone involved created a potent, dramatic scene, that might have even been decent theater for those watching. Also, I'm happy to not wear that wig again for a long time.

I enjoyed my new patterned blue velvet leggings. So fancy! Plus my great new belt pouch (made by Leora!).

I was delighted to be a stand-in date for those who's real dates had to go kill/plan/destroy/free/negotiate. So hot. So cool. And this right after reading... a... book.

Peat! That dinner was SO GOOD. I'm not really sure exactly what combination of food ended up in my bowl, but every bite was heaven.

Staying with Warchester was, again, delightful. What generous, funny, welcoming people. (Sorry about the fan, Mark & Cea.)

Speaking of Cea, way to nail the Saturnalia fashion! And I nearly fell over when I first saw Belswin's couture!

As called out by Leora, I also enjoyed seeing Lumi put the pages on the hook by asking them why her belt flag was "worthy of respect" (even if I enjoyed it mostly as Calidan's memory).

I'm glad we got to meet Sayer and the indomitable Tinzel. Tinzel was such a trooper when she showed up and immediataely went on a very hot 2-mile hike while wearing a velvet dress.

Similarly, I was glad to meet Bardock, a young player new to Alliance. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Owen's favorite moments:
  1. Sandro explaining how Dodge works: "You might think that you would move your body and get out of the way, but NO. You have to throw your will outward and... just say... 'NO'!"
  2. Being invested in Aneira's circle so he could help on the battlefield.
  3. Disarming all the traps in the Forgotten City mod. [Jeff side note... mere weeks ago Owen was terrified to touch a loaded mousetrap. I love this.]
Thank you Plot and NPCs for your hard work to make this game we love.

Ryan W

I had a great time with everybody last weekend! Coming into your unique chapter with its depth and colorful plot lines and characters really helps me feel like I’m stepping into another world.

Acarthia adventures tally ho!
Mingling with folks Friday and enjoying everything until undead attack. No big deal! We got this! (Several corrupts and 50 chaos later...) I drop from Johns NPC wasting me with chaos damage. Oh god Anders is killing people. We’re running low on life’s! Is this guy dead? Healing! Need to quicken meditate more necromancy cloaks. “Wow, these guys are burly. I expect people to res tonight.”

Ritual fun times for Peat and Knox. Let’s make some magic! I do a ton of rituals back home and I don’t do them a lot outside the west coast. Bluwolf really does like firing up a ritual circle for folks from time to time though.

Elemental Mark meeting! Cea organized such a delightful event. Getting to go over everybody’s philosophies and interests was really good RP to get to know each other. Chillin with Puck, Knox, Banks, and the folks in Tiatar was great as always.

Air Elemental mod! Omg years in the making to earn my air mark, Paul Senior did such a phenominal job! The 5 levels of stone elementals was such a fun grind! (Thank 2.0 for spell swap, quicken meditation and storms) And the puzzles and elemental mark powers were engaging and unique. Whatever sorcery you used to ensure having the thunder and lightning show up at the end was well worth it. “Puck brought the rain. Water troubles? Blame Puck forever.” The teamwork used by all the PCs present was so well coordinated.

Under the Sea! Under the Sea! Wulgar is sore, does this mean war, Mermaid queen’s free!
It was like getting to walk through a fairy tale. Having to negotiate with the mermaids to prove ourselves and on the fly having indoor fights because of the lightning and rain was clever and entertaining. Flex casting saved my day for sure! Nobody needs those awakens right? Bluwolf could see how badly Wulfgar just wanted to hack Dolpheens head off and storm the mermaid gates. Unraveling the mystery of the missing queen as Wulfgar and Knox work to free her was one of those *Gasp!* “Ah-HA!” Moments that make you smile you got to be there for the mystery reveal. I love basically everything those two plot members are involved in (I think their names are Sierra and Emily but they were the screaming banshees) and their stories and NPCs are so fun to engage in.

Saturnalia was a fun way to get to see another IG culture, and we got to dress up. Mad props to Alis and her team of helpers for setting it up. I’m a sucker for any kind of culture immersion RP. Arlen and Demvarien proved to be worthy opponents for me in the challenge circle for thumb wars. I wasn’t there, but it was so nice to hear Darius is a baron again.

Thanks for a great weekend everybody!