July 22nd Weekend Event: "More of whats New, More of whats Different"


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Welcome to the Registration Thread for July 22nd Full Weekend Event: More of whats New, More of whats Different

The event for PCs will cost $90 and NPCs $35; however anyone who preregisters will gain a $15 discount! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee.

The site opens 6PM on Friday July 22nd, Logistics AND a soft lay on will begin at 8PM with PC talk and the hard lay on around 9-10PM. (Please do not be on site before 6PM if you have not spoken directly with Rob). Second Day Logistics will be at 2-3 PM Saturday (this is an LCO policy - let us know if you love or hate it). Sunday will be plot loose ends and clean up. Our goal is to be off site about noon on Sunday!

Site is Bille Creek Village: 65 S Billie Creek Rd, Rockville, IN 47872

Additional information regarding this site, including shower availability and where to report to will be forthcoming.

Pre-registration for this event should be completed over on the CMA:

Alliance LARP - CMA

Alliance LARP Character Management Application
The deadline for preregistration and prepayment to garner the discount is Sunday July 17th 11:59PM as logistics will meet on Monday and need to have things updated at that time. You are welcome to continue to register after this point, or pay cash at the door.

Important Notes about this event:

This is a 2.1 Playtest Event! Please read the following as we have made some slight policy changes since our last 2.1 beta event. Players may choose to completely rewrite their card (including race changes and spirit forges) for this 2.1 beta test. To that end, if you choose to playtest a build other than the one currently supported by the live CMA, we ask that you generate a new card with a matching XP total to your live card and complete a second (very short) pre reg on the Beta CMA.
You need not prereg your Magic Items, but we do ask that you complete all other relavent memorizations. This is so the Logistics team can have a beta card printed and ready for you when you arrive. If you do not pre reg on the beta CMA and wish to play an alternative build, you must bring a printed copy of your new build. In order to play an alternative build, you MUST have a printed copy of your character sheet signed by either a member of the logistics team, or a member of the plot team.

We are imposing only two restrictions on alternative builds produced by the beta CMA. 1) The XP total must match the XP total of the character receiving credit on the live CMA. 2) The total number of Professions on the beta build may not exeede the number of Craftsmen Other purchases on the live build of the character you are playing. Essentially, you may choose to have fewer ranks of Profession, but not more.

Prepayment via PayPal should be sent to: Robertdautovski@yahoo.com please use friends and family or via ETH/BTC/DAI reach out via pm for wallet addresses.

We are requiring a 95% vaccination rate of all attendees at the event, and part of pre-registration will include proof of vaccination. Non-vaccinated players will be capped at 5% of total attendance, and if you are unvaccinated, you may be put on a “waiting list” to attend until more vaccinated players are registered. Get your vaccines, folks! With the expansion of vaccines available to the public and the amount of time before the event, there should be ample opportunity for our players to get their vaccinations in time, with the unvaccinated 5% comprising only those that are truly unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons (allergies, immunocompromised, etc.).

Lastly, all attendees must have a current Alliance Chicago Membership ($20).

Pre Regged PCs
1. Amanda F (Lydia)
2. Ezra F (Riqi)
3. Emma H (Korē)
4. Daphne P (Eve)
5. Anna D (Lorelei)
6. Ryan C (Durinn)
7. JD D (Jadar)
8. Bryan L (Corbell)
9. Dylan L (Drake)
10. Leanne L (Cookie)
11. Nate M (Vaelin)
12. David E (Heinricht)
13. Nay S (Adlao)
14. Zach H (Aiden)
15. Tercero C (Xelver)
16. Jonathan H (Drikke)
17. Jacqulyn B (Anastasia)
18. Josh H (tel'rendiir
19. Erika B (Triska)

Pre Regged NPCs
1. Sid P
2. Claire B
3. Rob D
4. Julia S
5. Emma A
6. Tabby S
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