July 9th Weekend Event Registration - "Stone Cold Passion"

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
After a long, loooooong 2020, it's finally time for our first 2021 weekend event! Woooooooo!

The event for PCs will cost $80 and NPCs $25; however anyone who preregisters will gain a $15 discount! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee.

The site opens 6PM on Friday July 9th, Logistics AND a soft lay on will begin at 8PM with PC talk and the hard lay on around 9-10PM. (Please do not be on site before 6PM if you have not spoken directly with Rob). Second Day Logistics will be at 2-3 PM Saturday (this is an LCO policy - let us know if you love or hate it). Sunday will be plot loose ends and clean up. Our goal is to be off site about noon on Sunday!

Site is Camp Pokanoka: N 2703rd Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350

Pre-registration for this event should be completed over on the CMA: https://db.alliancelarp.com/events/563. Pre-registrations should include needed tags, production, magic items, and any food allergies. Battleboard forms are available at logistics just ask! These must be sent to Logistics@chicagoalliancelarp.com no later than Tuesday July 6th at 11:59PM.

Prepayment via PayPal should be sent to: Robertdautovski@yahoo.com.

We are requiring a 90% vaccination rate of all attendees at the event, and part of pre-registration will include proof of vaccination. Non-vaccinated players will be capped at 10% of total attendance, and if you are unvaccinated, you may be put on a “waiting list” to attend until more vaccinated players are registered. Get your vaccines, folks! With the expansion of vaccines available to the public and the amount of time before the event, there should be ample opportunity for our players to get their vaccinations in time, with the unvaccinated 10% comprising only those that are truly unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons (allergies, immunocompromised, etc.).

Lastly, all attendees must have a current Alliance Chicago Membership ($20). This is included in many of the staff salaries, and all season passes.

Season Pass
Prepaid Membership needed

Registered PCs:
1. Nate B. (Nyio)
2. Carrie B. (Pebbles)
3. Jon D. (Aramis)
4. Daphne P. (Eve)
5. Ben B. (Binar)
6. Ryan B. (Binks)

7. Ryan C. (Durinn)
8. Andrea R. (Gertrude)

9. Sam S. (Beryl)
10. Brian L. (Corbell)
11. Leanne L. (Skylark)
12. Dylan L. (Drake)
13. Dwayne B. (Shen)

14. Jared M. (Glenn)
15. Matthew M. (Desylvia)
16. Ethan R. (Ignathis)
17. Sol F. (Brunhilde)
18. Julia S. (Lightning)
19. Dani C. (Isabo)
20. Derek S. (Sam)
21. Ian S. (Draco)
22. John L. (Bada)
23. Ib A. (Rengar)
24. Laura B. (Mariel)
25. Roy B. (Toosaru)

26. Andrew N. (Rusty)
27. Sam P. (Tseng)

28. Luke D. (Marcus)
29. Nicholas R. (Dolarth)
30. Patrick R. (Sornelintion)
31. Ryan W. (Bluwolf)
32. Ian H. (Cami)
33. Emma B. (Agate)
34. Rynn L. (Auryn)
35. Kayla S. (Locke)
36. Alan F. (Kierann)
37. Peter V. (Blank)
38. Nick D. (Ranvier)
39. Seamus C (Benjamin)
40. Jason P. (Abom)
41. Jenn P. (Mutt)
42. Brian G. (Thaddeus)
43. Kurt P. (Yumo)
44. Sami R. (Lavande)
45. Stephanie R. (Mila)
46. James J. (Verric)
47. Thomas M. (Novi)
48. Lacey M. (Calliope)
49. Brad K. (Ashen)
50. Luke N. (Migs)
51. David G. (Kallith)

Registered NPCs:
1. Rob D.
2. Alexander T.
3. Sid P.
4. Emma A.
5. Ashe Y.
6. Nadine V.
7. James S.
8. Malachi B.
9. John G.
10. Emma H.
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Do you want us to email Ashe for cabins like we have in the past?


Chicago Staff
Do you want us to email Ashe for cabins like we have in the past?
We will be posting a fancy little google form that Ashe will use to compile that info next day or two.

Although we are making assigned cabins optional now. IE newplayers and out of town folks should definately email ahead of time but we will have multiple cabins that are "open sleeping"-full details will be posted shortly


Minnesota Staff
Please remove me (Adam) from the preregistration list. I’m unable to attend this event. I’ve notified Chicago logistics.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
While we might not have been able to hold our usual weekend events in 2020, the Plot Team still managed put out a lot of information about in-game happenings and opportunities by means of IBGAs and the Discord events. That said, we are sure that players are looking to follow up on some mod hooks and other endeavors from this time at the upcoming event. The Plot Team supports this, and we'd love to hear if you have a particular thing you'd like to pursue so that we can plan ahead accordingly! After all, there are a lot of potential things PCs might want to do, and it'd help us a lot if we knew which ones to focus on preparing ahead of time for this event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an information-gathering exercise by the Plot team, not a sign-up sheet for specific encounters - we are simply using this information to better help plan our event and can't necessarily guarantee we'll be able to cover everything that everyone wants to do due to various constraints (time/availability/manpower/etc.). Please bear with us if we don't necessarily get to your request, and please try to be reasonable your requests and remember that we have a lot of players to try to accommodate. Try to stick to one or two small endeavors/pursuits. For example: Let us know "I want to do X from my IBGA last year", NOT "I want to do A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I!"

Please submit answers through the following: https://forms.gle/TTcJn6aqpVQuvHUcA


Chicago Staff
Final 48 hours of prereg!

Your fully welcome to come out if you miss the prereg deadline, we do encourage you to still use the CMA to register but keep in mind cards/tags may not be printed/pulled then and you owe us $15 more than you would have!

Also remember to pay your memberships if you do not currently have one!

See you all soon!


I know, is it Friday yet?


Chief Technology Officer
Raleigh Staff
Turns out I might just manage to fly out tomplay! Now I just have to find rides to and from the local airports