July Event "Danger Zone" Favorite Moments

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  1. Durnic

    Durnic Squire Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

    1. Being the only noble there and having to step up to the plate to deliver the success Sedovia needed in the war with Valenzia. As a Squire. "By the power vested in me by the Kingdom of Sedovia because no Knights showed up..."
    2. The entire five or six hours Saturday night with the big fight and everything that ensued afterward.
    3. Dodging a packet so hard by crouching that I split my underwear.
    4. BEEEEEEES! (Okay not a favorite moment, but memorable.)
    5. Friday night was hell on everyone in-game but a ton of fun out-of-game.
    6. Telling Killian to please make sure everyone is keeping noise and light discipline then about 60 seconds later being ambushed by an NPC throwing Magic Prisons when Morgan and I split off from the group. He didn't like my Eviscerate very much.
    7. After Morgan was prisoned in the fight above, I had to haul him back to our tent. In the dark. And put him to bed. Alone. Hilarious after, pretty frightening during.
    8. Every interaction with Killian, to be honest. Leading the fight with him as my second on Saturday night was incredible.
    9. Finding out about the Red Thorn tribe's... antics... after being told about the Auros Mountains and then choking it up to "friendly fire in a battle zone" because honestly it was just so far down my priority list I couldn't deal with it.
    10. The mod where Morgan, the Red Thorns and I walked up to 16 or 17 Valenzians, exchanged a couple of crossbow bolts, looked at each other and withdrew.
    11. Spirit Farewell with Zalim.
    12. Conversation with Zalim in the tavern with a notable ring around us where no one else was. I assume it wasn't left that way out of respect, but because everyone figured some serious fightin' was about to commence.
    13. Barb and Jimmy: I just... wow. Seriously, wow. Everything about the situation presented was incredible. There are very few times I can look back at my RP and notice that not only has my character grown but I have as a LARPer, but this is definitely one of them. Thank you so so so much.
    14. When Plot approached me asking if it was okay to have "lava pits" that would "instantly kill PCs if they fell into them" I was a little leery, but I said yes anyway. My complete trust in my plot team paid off in spades.
    15. The Ice Elemental "babies" that were actually Otter Pops? High-larious. Excellent work.
    16. Listening to the entirety of Danger Zone while I typed this up. Twice.
    Thank you to the NPCs, the NPC Cook and Plot for working your asses off this entire event. It paid off.
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  2. JessWhite

    JessWhite Newbie

    -Oh man. Ice babies was so good.
    -So was talking about revolution in front of the magistrate. "I am literally holding the laws right now." "I said revolution, not revolt." *Exasperated sigh*
    -Sashenka was my everything this game.
    -lighthouse leaping like a boss. You know it's good when the hobling is like "dude, take the loot, you earned it".
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  3. Ellie

    Ellie Newbie

    I'm gonna just jump right in here.

    1. Lava Hugs... ^.^;
    2. Dying twice...but not ressing
    3. The "Follow the Ice Cast, sacrifice myself and be lived and avenged" plan working perfectly
    4. Talking with Bart and forgiving him for killing Soli. Having been a slave, Soli sympathized with the notion of "I do this because otherwise I will die...and I don't want to die."
    5. Finding out what Khyriel had done to ensure the safety of the Stone Cast from him and also finding out what it cost him.
    6. Being comforted by Khyriel and assured that Hava's abduction wasn't my fault. That was some great RP stuff.
    7. Being there for the militia and the new people!
    8. "I will follow you anywhere Soli." - Terrance (sniffles)
    9. Crawling through the obstacle course while afraid of heights and seriously having to channel that into Soli. It was fun also to see James character (idk how to spell it) successfully disarm all the traps but still being available in case he set one off.
    10. Red Thorn attack. Moving Killian into the ward. Finding out some of his secrets by him confiding in Soli.
    11. Actually getting to spend some time with the highbees and getting to know Durnic better. Soli really didn't like him before this game...now she really respects him and admires him and the other Silver Blades too.
    12. Reading the first page Hava's will.
    13. Saturday Night Late RP. Being able to have a voice in that discussion. That was such a big deal to me honestly. Usually I feel kinda ignored or pushed aside by the highbees during intense RP things like that but Soli really felt more heard than ever. It was really appreciated.
    14. "Magic Storm, Magic Storm, Magic Storm!" I am never giving away this ring.
    15. Being told by Killian that Soli's efforts to keep the militia alive has not only been seen by him, but is very appreciated by him. It was a really touching RP seen.
    16. Having my best friend join as an NPC!

    I think Soli has really found her place in the community as a whole and not just the militia anymore. Where she felt fear towards many of the adventurers before, she now holds respect and admiratation. I am so glad she's grown so much...this game especially has helped Soli evolve as a character. She's no longer the run away slave-child she was when she first came to Foxbridge. She's truly now grown up...or at least more so. She's still "the Innocent one" in the militia lol.
  4. Amber-Rose

    Amber-Rose Newbie Seattle Staff

    My "favourite moment" would have to be from Friday night at about 10pm to Sunday at about noon.
  5. Oh so many awesome and memorable moments I don't know where to start.

    1:Having the faith of a healer who is visibly terrified while crawling thru tight tunnels looking for traps just in case I blow myself up. Dalion greatly appreciates that kind of faith from someone newly met.
    2: Realizing that Est(spelling?) and the rest of the Red Thorns hold to such levels of honor it warms the heart. Especially from a species that other might consider as "savages"
    3: The opening assault. Such organized chaos, it was epic.
    4: Alexander's(Tomas) aim.... I may have to start calling him deadshot.
    5: sitting back and watching Dalion go thru the thought process of considering pocketing a magic ring found along the trapped tunnels. And choosing not to because he feels the possibility of being welcomed to a new home.
    6: Going from "I can't believe how dishonorable these people are" to "it wasn't the whole group, but the actions of one that was a dagger to the heart" Seriously some of the best RP I've seen, and seeing the pure outrage from most of those around. At first I thought it retribution for the events of the night before that were due to an act from long ago.... I can go on but OMG the whole things was so good my mind is still reeling... or at least Dalion's is.
    7: The push of the Assassination group. It went so smooth and everyone worked so well together.
    8: being thrown across a lava flow and having Gimli's voice in my head saying "don't tell the elf..."
    9: being killed(only mostly dead) during the opening event and being the rope in a tug of war between both friend and foe. The foe won, but then was killed and then I was revived just in time by an ally.
    10: Lava hugs..... need I say more.
    11: Thinking Rumble would be fun to hang out with
    12: wondering around in a small scout group exploring
    13: Capturing a fire cast and returning him to town
    14: Watching my son strike some enemy with his hammer during the final assault
    15: .... Pretty much the whole weekend, but most of all... being almost instantly accepted by everyone.

    I can't wait for the future events.
  6. elliotbay

    elliotbay Knight Marshal

    In no particular order
    • "New Friends!"
    • Teaching a bit of tactics in the tunnel fight. "See, there's the easy way and the hard way." Magic storms in a tight corridor fight are what you want.
    • Shushing the lizard
    • From the High Magus' death to being banished.
    • Staying up with Mortikai through sunrise because Ardryk didn't want to face his corpse sister
    • Surprise conversation with Zalim
    • The floor is lava
    • Hiking up a hill in hot weather in the desert and dropping down 150' of rope. Really put me in the mindset of being in a volcanic area
    • Something like a spirit farewell Sunday morning
    • Summoning Narigda for a last-ditch idea only to have Khyriel rush in with a hoop while I'm finishing a V8
    • Crying in front of Luke
    • Good chaotic fight to take the town
  7. Krystina F

    Krystina F Newbie Oregon Staff Diversity Committee

    Goodness, so much happened this event. This was one of the most intense events since my very first game as a PC which was also a closer were we killed Zaka.

    In no particular order:
    -Lighthouse the Fireproof!
    -The Hurkberries
    -Welcoming Tadeusz to the Lodge in the Lodge's warm but awkward manner.
    -Within the CoP during the Mage death fight, Mortikai: "So who do you bet is going to die first?", Ole (without hesitation): "Aizyk."
    -The new Lair cards - super awesome. I can't wait to see more of them
    -"So I die, and you give me the goddamn silent treatment during my resurrection?"
    -"The first thing I hear upon popping out of the mists is 'We're all going to die'"
    -All the new players (PC and NPC) and new to me faces that hadn't played in a while
    -Vina and Ole turn to each in the tunnel fight, both realizing we're each completely out of spells and look of "we're fucked" on each other's faces
    -"And this (waves to everything) is why I said we shouldn't come here."
    -Plot delivering on the brutality of the event, and making sure we were properly prepared for it in advance
    -Realizing that many of the pillars of community danced around telling the truth and damaged relationships with some of the strongest fighters Ole has seen
    -The RP with Ole and Chaacs - I did not expect to cry
    -Interacting with Khyriel and seeing a much different side to him than Ole has ever seen

    And so much more...
  8. sencara

    sencara Artisan

    Lets see here... Playing Ash for the first time in over 8 years and then the event unfolds. Warning this is a ton of stuff..

    - Stepping out of the mist to hear "We're all going to die" as the first thing heard in over 8 years, then trying to turn around and run back into the mist with it leaving in laughter (at least that's how it felt).
    - People asking Ash if he was a new adventurer and saying "I guess you could say that" and then later on have them say "I thought you were a lowbie...." after I unleashed a bunch of spells on the NPCs
    - Having someone tell me that I should stab the enemy the moment I see them. And me looking at them confused.... "I don't have a weapon to stab people with." they then proceeded with... well crap.
    - Being calm and collective all night until I hear command spells being thrown by the enemy... Then I yell "Who the heck casted that!!! (unloading spells). Then to turn around and see someone on my side commanding an enemy force and the bantering back and forth during combat. About how that is bad and terrible, unmoral thing to do. (Thanks Amber-Rose!). With a panda saying can it till later you two...
    - Having torn feelings of "this person has controlled others they should die!" to "This person just ran through a wall of Golems to save me..." and in my head counting down the last few seconds before I rezed to be given a lift spell... receives life spell... Holy crap I am not sure if I want to kill them or kiss them (not being sure of how my character should act was epic)
    - The fact that I don't sleep and getting up at like 5 or 6am to scout. To find like 5 info cards and one of them being an ambush saying "Go to plot now...." Then being happy to see Ben walk out and wonder why I was sitting there at Monster camp just to tell him about the ambush. And Luke being there to attack as the NPC it was fun. Then when Ben gave me a stack of scrolls and most of them being sleep spells. Without hesitation I rip them up and him being like... Really??
    - Having the chance to finally tell the story of how I got the name Ash. And seeing the shock in there faces of.... wow.
    - Looking at Durnic and wondering how old he was and realizing he is still a baby... Then telling him my age of over 900 and seeing the total shock of WTF in his eyes.
    - Having someone look to see that we have used a ton of money and then hearing Amber-Rose's character say "Screw this were getting paid!!!" as she goes to disarm a trap with loot in it. With me back there saying to just detonate it to blow up the pillar! all to find out that the damn thing was never trapped to start with.
    - Seeing plots face as I hand him ~ 18 lightning storm scrolls that was used in one mod just because I wanted to live.
    - Getting beat on when under a fortress spell just to have the Ravens laughing in the background and me wondering... Well someone needs to kill these things trying not to laugh myself.... *sigh*
    - Causally walking up to the Ravens sitting under the sun and just adding myself to the group. And then wondering off to hear "Hey Shiny shirt where you going? Get back over here" it made me feel welcomed.
    - Tossing my name in to be the next Arch Mage just because I couldn't get information about any of the other candidates. And even when they said that there was no more candidates having someone else say... "Nope there was one person still in even if he only had one vote (points to)"Ash"."
    - Being a bit hard on Durnic on saying people can toss there name into the hat as a candidate. And when they said there was no one left to fill the position and being looked over as "Ash" was technically the last one in the running who was still alive and around :)
    - Following Durnic every time he was telling about the candidates and the situations just to have him walk off as I approached. Like not just once but 8 or 9 times making me feel like he was dodging me (I know it was not on purpose to be spiteful in any way). Then bringing it up to him asking why he was avoiding me with him saying "I'm not avoiding you.." and Mortiki walking up to say "Nope I seen it every time he walk up to hear about the information you ended up leaving. It was kind of comical"
    - Sitting on a bees nest and realizing I turned my torn pants around so my knee was not exposed. This in turn allowed the bees into my pants and a crazy dance happened.... And then having Rick walk over there and be like... I don't see anything (gets stung on the hand a few times) Yep there are bees!
    - Talking with Mortiki and after the big fight having me sit next to him and then he raises a circle. At that point I realized that was him keeping me from just jumping into the pit (sly dog).
    - The bet with Ole about who was going to die first.....
    - Playing a character that has no melee weapons and realizing I need a Scroll suppler. Then I just so happened to have found one :)
    - Realizing how awesome the Info cards are and wishing they were in Seattle as Xavic would not be sitting in the tavern 24/7 anymore if they were there.
    - Sitting with a High Orc and listening to the commotion caused by the red thorns after they found out who caused the death of their tribe. And both of us saying... Yep this is needed and we are so not stepping in the middle of that.
    - Being a backpack for a golem even though I am only 7th level and having my spells in both earth and celestial areas. Scrolls FTW!
    - All around it was an epic event and it was a great one to bring out this character again.

    Jorbie K
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  9. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    Whooo.... this event. This bloody event. This wonderful amazing pain filled event.

    - Getting started "mostly" on time. I am a huge proponent of games starting on time and ending on time, and doubly so for big events like this. Lots to do, lots to put out, gotta get started as soon as we can.
    - That first assault. Biding my time and then... just being ignored as I wasn't super threatening somehow and the entire line goes past. I'm sorry-not-sorry for picking Ole' off from the rear after that. I mean... folks were LOOKING RIGHT AT ME and kept going. Chaos of war indeed. Thank you for being a good sport Krystina.
    - Being a Flame Caste Friday night and prisoning Killian once he makes himself clear as a commander. Killian is pulled to the back of the line. I simply calmly walk around the tavern, calmly walk up behind with a few goons. "Endow I pick you up!". Killing blow, prison down, I roll you under the Tavern. Thank you for being a good sport as well.
    - Coming out at dumb-and-early and seeing Ash there. Glad I could run that for you right quick.
    - NEW FRIENDS! BIG HUGS!, Rumble the Annoyed, and the LAIR OF STEVE THE BORED.
    - Deciding that Zalim had to come in at that point, I'm getting done up and everyone at MC is like, "Tell us how you die!" Then walking back in. "How long did you last?" "Walked in, talked, walked out alive." I love that Lawful Neutral sonofa....
    - "Whelp, I just love blowin' stuff up!" "There are your guys right there." *thinking hard about it* "Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.... but there are a lot more targets right... HERE!" Commence wand charges.
    - The three Saturday night mods. Some things there I learned. Some things I wish I had done differently.... overall though I'm glad that PCs took the opportunity we gave to do it smart. >.> I knew what I was going to be summoning with Dragon Magic if he had been woken up. I was ready to unload. DFMs, Oblits, Summoning Icons, Summoning Magical Beasts, Summoning Pantherguants, and I wouldn't have stopped. Not until I was dead or every PC on the field had retreated or was going through the circle. We had asked Rick if he was okay if it was literally a town wipe, and he trusted us. I was prepared to do it if you woke him up, and rather glad I didn't have to.
    - Unexpected Sunday Zalim indeed.

    A special shout out to all those who helped me Sunday. I evidently came down with something BAD Saturday night (finally got it through my system by Monday night) and as such could not help with site cleanup or even pack my own gear as I was so delirious. I want to thank every single one of you who took care of me and Queenie. I know I said I was sorry a LOT while I was sick. I do that, because I always want to carry others and hate having to be carried. You politely told me to shut that nonsense and took care of things so amazingly that I am truly, honestly and completely humbled by you all. Thank you. I'll lift others when I can, where I can and pay it forward.

    I said it at closing and I want to say it again. I'm so proud of all the PCs. We told you up front it was going to be a rough fight, kill or be killed kind of situation, and you took it on the chin Friday night. You didn't gripe, you didn't complain, you accepted it and moved on. I can't tell you how much it warms this cold lump of coal I pretend is my heart to have seen that. I'm so proud of all the NPCs. We told you up front it was going to be a rough fight, kill or be killed kind of situation... and that meant we had to play it SUPER FAIR. You all did. Every time. For a game of this intensity it was remarkably clean. There are a handful of games that reside in my heart as gems in this chapter. Max's Permanent Death. My first game as Kel and staring at the stars. Shin's betrayal.... and this one. The games I've helped run have been good. This one though... this one goes down as a saga.
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  10. Brian Hudson

    Brian Hudson Newbie

    What were some of my highlights?
    - Stupidity should be painful. This time it wasn't. Came around a corner of one of the cabins, see 2 guys rushing at me and then I just went to sleep and woke up in the Earth Circle with Hengin telling me a story. That was pretty cool, my first death in 4 years playing this character.
    - Not an in game moment, per se, but when telling some of the NPC's on the meal plan what I had prepared, got to dessert: "Pound cake with strawberries massereated in sugar and basil with whipped cream." And hearing one of the ladies pipe up with, "You had me at 'masserated.'"
    - Before the Saturday night fight, not sure where to go or what I should be doing, getting told by Isodel to come hang out with her and the Raven Ladies. Granted, Gidjit needed a Seeing-Eye caster cuz she can't see in the dark...
    - During said fight, hitting Ben's NPC bodyguard for the Arch Magus (whatever he was) with Silence. Twice. The second time getting flipped the bird for my troubles. I turned to Gidjit and saidb "I think I pissed him off."

    I think thats all for now.
  11. Durnic

    Durnic Squire Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

    If I can't trust my Plot team, my chapter is doomed. :p
  12. Accleates

    Accleates Newbie

    Honestly, I have taken more time to think on this game than any other I have attended. There was so much depth and nuance to it that it has taken me some time to figure it all out. So in no particular order here are some of my favorite moments.

    The militia: This was a hard set of battles and everyone fought their absolute best.

    The New Players: All of them jumped right in and made a difference this gather. I was blown away by their performances.

    Ruby: Amanda is always phenomenal as the precocious Selunari child but this gather she outdid herself.

    Commanding with Durnic: Killian has not known much about Durnic until this last gather when he allowed Killian to command with him in the field. He learned everything he needed to in that battle. Much respect and I hope they get to do that again soon.

    All of the players and Staff: You are all amazing and put so much of yourselves into each and every gather. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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