July event pre-registration

1. Heidi Hooper (Zat)
2. Joseph Siegel
3. David DeMartino
4. Erika Noach
5. Kris Kitts (Vær'lux)
6. Julianna Locke
7. Mike Guarino (Ket)
8. Susie Guarino (Alda)
9. David Trittschuh + $10 food donation
10. Laura Ceredona (Mischa) + $10 food donation
11. Sarah Heimbach + $10 event admission
12. Kristen Leonard
13. Gregory de los Santos
14. Noelle Lequatre
15. Ashley Thomas
16. Dom Alioto
17. Tom Haswell (has a $40 credit)
18. Elissa Ward + $10 event admission + $20 food donation
19. Jill Segraves + $10 event admission + $20 food donation
20. Emily O'Neil
21. Cyril Bodnar + trial membership
22. Maggie Lee + year membership
23. Miles Lizak
24. Jeramy Merritt + trial membership
25. Illana Navas
26. Samara Martin (Irina)
27. Henry Hart (Qualin)
28. Danielle Wilson (Anna)
29. Dustin Crewell (Rhys) + $10 event admission + $10 food donation
30. Kelly Allard (Lia) + $10 event admission + $10 food donation
31. Richard Hartzell + $10 event admission
32. Amy Resele
33. Patrick Malone
34. Loren Williams (Nerium Hawthorne)
35. Sean Chase (Surion Maedhros)
36. Joshua Berit
37. Michelle Stagnitta
38. Kyle Spriggle (Grim)
39. Christine Maudlin
40. Alex G?
41. Sean Metzler (Prolon L'ar)
42. Robert Stoel
43. Jeremy Rogers
44. Jordan Krebs (Cyno) + year membership
45. Damon Brundige
46. Emily Van Ness
47. David Van Ness
48. Kevin Bertrand
49. Wyn Wilson + trial membership
50. Someone with Wyn Wilson + trial membership
51. Daniel Gelerman
52. Alex Tauber
53. Frisco Cruise

1. Alex Koziak
2. Hilary Nunes
3. Michael Barnett
4. Brian Smathers + $20 food donation
5. Donna Hellmuth
6. Collin Babcock
7. Lauren Keener
8. Tom Wilson
9. Britney Sirois
10. Gabe Oberymayer
11. Brian Whitham
12. Dave Ehrhart
13. Jim Sailer
14. Drew Resele
15. Marquis Maddox

Phoenix: David Trittschuh and friends
Gryphon: Emily O'Neil and friends
Dragon: Elissa Ward and friends
Pegasus: Blythedale
Gargoyle: Corrheim

Fire: Joe Siegel
Water: Kris Kitts
Earth: Gregory de los Santos
Air: William Gibbs

Note on housing: Cabins are free as long as you have at least four PCs pre-paid to reserve one. Private rooms are $40. There is also a common room with six beds (not listed here) which is first-come, first-served and you don't have to pay extra for.
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Gettysburg Staff
Kris Kitts paid to PC Vær'lux and reserve Water!
Dave D to PC using an event credit that I believe I have? Maybe? If I don't then that's cool, I'll pay up when the time comes.


HQ Staff
Erika Noach to PC Kailani, using my event credit.

Ericka S.

Ericka Skirpan to PC Julianna Locke.
Also, Dio David Trittschuh, Laura Ceredona, Dave D. and myself for Phoenix Cabin!

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Ashley Thomas to PC Liliaceae using my event credit.


Mike Guarino to PC Ketemycos Sunwald, Susie Guarino to PC Kialda Loa!


I was wondering if Noelle and I could register for this event. We weren't able to make it to May due to a medical emergency(I had asked about using that payment for this event instead in that thread). If so I'll be paying to use the Earth private room. If not then I can pay for Noelle and I and also pay for the room.
Lauren Keener to NPC! (one day she'll get an account on here lol)


Gettysburg Staff
Dom Alioto to PC as Ona
Sarah Heimbach to PC Rayna Satyrsbane.


Ashley Thomas and Dom Alioto have an event credit for this event they'd like to use. Thanks, Mike!


Emily O'Neil pre-registering to PC Ama'rali. Also reserving Gryphon for myself, Erika Noach, Cyril Bodnar, and Maggie Lee.


HQ Staff
Paid for a new character - prereg incoming.