July event pre-registration


Elissa Ward to PC. Also have sent in request to reserve Dragon Cabin for myself and three others (as noted in payment) :)


Question, I had paid for the earth private room last week via paypal. I'm guessing I didnt get it in time?
Question, I had paid for the earth private room last week via paypal. I'm guessing I didnt get it in time?
Sorry about that. I saw it and emailed you and asked "for which event?" and you didn't respond. Then Tom reserved the room and I forgot that yours was still in the line but I hadn't heard from you. I'll give it to you, and give Tom a refund or credit. Sorry, Tom.

EVERYONE: There have been a LOT of things like this lately because people pay and don't say what they are paying for. As the registration page says, if you don't leave a note saying what it's for, I assume it's for the next event.

Please make it easy on me and your fellow players by making sure you put a note in the comments about which event it's for, or at least send an accompanying email.


I am so incredibly sorry for the confusion. I thought I put it in the comments section on paypal.
All things given though its only Noelle and I in the room. I definitely have space for Tom.


Duckie Hartzell to PC Farleigh Longmeadow.
I'll be sending my payment and registration tonight
Frank C. to NPC.
Sean Metzler to play Prolon L'ar

Lanna Rose

Angel Belford to be playing Lanna and Chris Marcikonis to be playing Cuar. We will be paying Friday.


John Perkins to play Geo'tuer Amatori. Will be paying at the door.
Still waiting on my transfer before I can do logistics. >.>


NEPA Staff
Kyle to play Grim and Christine to play Gwendara. Payment incoming. Will pre reg after this weekend.


YAY Christine!! It has been FAR too long!
Just sent a payment in for Alex G to PC Kar for this event. Forgot to put it in the notes.


Scott Babcock will be playing Castlebur. Paying at the door since I get paid friday. Letting you know for treasure policy purposes and such.
Daniel Gelerman to PC as Tycho Marbury, pre-paid and pre-logisted.