July Faire Favorites

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Thanks to everyone for this little event, especially all of our wonderful NPCs and Plot staff! The game wouldn't run if it weren't for y'all. Here are some of my favorites:
~ Dure'dhel and the 7th level! :funny:
~ Rit casting for Roy. Not my best ritual, but still fun. I was too hot...
~ Talking with York: "I'll deal with the seedy underbelly of the other Planes, you get this."
~ Undead mammoth fight was super cool, and thanks to Brent for putting up with all the beatdowns.
~ Adventuring with Oliver: "See, this is what it's like: we just yell at each other all the time."
~ Gem-anchor mod was great! I like protection mods, in general.
~ EMPIRE PLOT! In-game, Gandian's got a lot of rage on the subject, but Alexander out of game is BEYOND HAPPY! Expect lots of followup stuff from me, Plot!
~ "Time for elf plot, 'cause y'all don't get screwed with enough." "I get screwed with all the time!" "You don't count, then."
~ Elf plot stuff, especially with the skits.


Yesterday was awesome.

- Garth is the worst combat caster. That was just fun to watch.
- The undead mammoth fight was great. I'm not used to seeing death spells at SoMN; I'll have to be a bit more careful next time I charge at a giant skeletal elephant.
- Good RP with Asher and Jehyu
- The last mod was pretty neat. I was getting kinda tired and cranky at that point, so I didn't enjoy the mod as much as I probably should have, but it was pretty cool in retrospect.
- More fuel for Briar's opinion that magic causes more problems than it fixes
- I had some good RP with Sapla and Garth, big thanks to Kristin and Teague.
- We fixed Jamina!
- OOG: Yay Dryad plot! IG: Holy crap, my people need to stop dying. Oh well, if there's an actual tangible threat I can go attack, I can help solve it. Maybe.

It was really warm, but not as bad as I was expecting, and I was having too much fun to really be bothered by it. Hopefully the August event will be just a little cooler, though.
Thanks for the favorites guys! Those, (and event feedback) are much appreciated response as to what players like. But also keep in mind we don't expect everyone to 'like' everything... :thumbsup:

That said, I had quite a few favorites.
- RP TV scenes and getting to involve all the elves in some serious racial history!
- Davion sprinting towards the final cave door and being 'the elf to speak the password' to open it. And getting summarily beaten down by Kendra... See, sometimes opening doors can actually be a good thing!
- Cho-Ko-Nu jumping into the portal, getting the sweat in NPC camp for 5-10 minutes, and then falling from the sky into the middle of the tavern. ^_^
- Kendra 'dressing down' Cho-Ko-Nu for running away from Fears and dying to a Flame Bolt...
- Gandian's 'horrible' magic storm... (I think tiredness was affecting all!)
- Dure'dhel and the 7th level... hehe, I knew there was a reason I choose that one!
- Jonathan going into a certain creature's mind and certain interesting things resulting!
- Blasting one of the elephants with Evocation alongside Dure'dhel as Oliver and then Prisoning both of us when it got close
- Seeing everyone again! I look forward to each of these events and the chance to fly out and get to see so many friends each time! :)
- Making Dave's artisan use up lots of resouces whilever everyone else didn't.... :twisted: (JK, we love you Dave! Seriously we don't plan it that way! :wacko: )
- All the NPC's!!! OMG it was SO awesome. Seriously guys if more of our weekend events had those numbers of NPC's all the games would be that much better. I really strongly encourage everyone who PC's to NPC for a full weekend sometime, it's fun! (And you earn picks :thumbsup: )


Chicago Staff
Another fun event! The food was good, the company was great and thanks to the 22 new and old NPCs who showed up!

- Empire Plot. When we got the journal it was hard to be really excited OOG and at the same time really upset IG. I could see that with Alexander as well.
- The Elf module. Glad I could be a part of that as a fake Elf.
- Teaching my Guild Master how to throw an Earth Storm at an undead elephant. “Lower, lower…higher…to the right…higher, got it! Oh so close.” I shall teach you long range spell casting good sir.
- Telling Jehyu about my failure to feed the valley via ritual and him being the most generous rabbit this land as ever known.
- When Sapla mentioned the Dryads in town helping to tree walk she looked around at me, gave a look of disappointment and looked to Briar to help.
- York’s office. It just felt like a fun place to do …legal business.
- Cho running solo against 20 of the spider humanoids, then instantly running away.
- Another Cho moment. He got hit with an elemental attack, took it like a champ and fell down. Kendra just rips him apart verbally. “Why didn’t you resist that?” “I can’t do that yet.” And seeing Kendra’s frustration even more.

-Ryan B


Ah It was a good game, Here's my favorites from the furball's perspective.

- Fun with crafting, coming into game with a stack of weapons/shields to deliver (as well as a few repped scrolls and potions)
- 'Does anyone have a tool to pull Ogre tusks out with?' - 'I Do!' <pulls out omni-tool pliers> - 'Um something smaller maybe?' - 'Sure!' <extends serrated blade> 'Hows that?' Oh the fun you can have with just having a few reps on hand for things.
- People searching the rabbit for cure potions, looks like I'll be in business for awhile yet! (and honestly, what makes you think Jehyu would have any?)
- Falling down dead in front of Asher (having been entangled) and hearing him say 'Well....that's not good'
- First Aid happenings, got cut down faaaar more often than usual while first aiding folks, it's what the rabbit gets for trying to first aid on the front line.
- Almost getting a last second save on Talitha (who was appearently at 59/60 seconds into her bleed out count) only to get cut down 10 seconds into the first aid count.
- Mamabird randomly borrowing my cloak from the closet, lucky it was at the permanent site or It wouldn't have been there!
- Tastey Lunch - after a hot exhausting morning, tasty meat filled sammich reaaaally hit the spot.
- Having 10 or so people out of game check to see if I was okay while I was trying to brood with Jehyu, appearently it looked too real ^.^
- Having Asher's Ritual attempt cause a bit of inner turmoil with Jehyu's past, and the RP it caused.
- New crafter in town! Jehyu is going to have to figure out how to deal with that, ideally we'll be able to work together to flood the town with production.
- Hiring Cho-ko-nu, would have done it again/tipped him, but alas, the Barbarian ignored his Bunny boss other than using him as an excuse to come.
- Wounded Rabbit RP - Was great fun to get a couple partial heals entirely on the basis that the Rabbit is a bit of a whinner when it comes to walking around at 1 body.
- Gandian 'How much was my bid 11?', (Jehyu pipes up) '14', Gorka hears and repeats '14', Gandian 'oh right 14' <starts counting>, Kendra 'Good Rabbit' - I still have no idea what that bid was about, wasn't there for the first part ^.^
- Trying to outbid Gandian on a Spirit Forge scroll, I doubt I was really all that close, but it was worth a shot!

None of the plot really floated my boat (but that's okay I got to hang with Regan/follow the Jamina Lich plot well) and I still need to test my gas on a corrupt (longest running thread ever, but I'm going to figure out something with that node dust!) but I had a fantastic time, it's nice to have things to follow up on in the future to!


Had loads of fun, thank you all of you new NPC's, glad to have you out there, and we hope to see you again!

-Listening to the 3 Gypsies singing at the Earth Circle, Regan, Jamina and Talitha. Quite relaxing, lying down in the Earth Circle in the shade :p
-Garth's ritual casting, and then getting a flaw on the second one
-Gandian complaining about how everything in Gaden, for some reason, seems to relate to elephants at the end of the market day
-Talking to Kythas about getting Icey's book published in-game. Wooh~
-Doing my 3rd resurrection (wooh, I'm still dead last in resurrecting!)
-The gypsies all ready to do a resurrection for Garth, only to find out that we didn't need to do a resurrection
-Davion: 4 Waylay. Gets picked up, Kendra beats Davion down. I walk over, we stop Kendra from killing Davion. I first aid him, but don't heal him, leaving him to take a dirt nap. (see, Healer Icey isn't bad all the time)
-Elixir Roulette, an intoxicate and 2 poison shields. The Elf, The Human and the Orc all pick up the vial. They all win.
-Shanthony's plan to try and pass Kealit off as a dentist to get some Troll tusks.
-Everyone making fun of Shanthony and Katira.
What a ton of fun! Best one day I can remember.
-Within the first hour of game on, I had blown up Jayne's head. In front of people. Scarring them horribly for life, in all likelihood. I could not be more pleased.
-Caithis and his shenanigans. He... stresses me out so majorly when I see him talking to other adventurers.
-Seeing a Rider in town, and the incredibly awkward and tense conversations that followed. I'd gladly avoid him in the future, except for the fact that rebuilding the homestone solves one of Jon's primary character goals, and so I need to help him out.
-Using my mental abilities more in this one day than I have in the past three events put together was beautiful.
-York having an interrogation room. And trying to help him with his sheriffy bits. And the action that Sirius Star is now getting.
-Endlessly making fun of Shanthony. Just... forever. Terribly.
-Feeling... sane and useful. That's nice. Thanks to those who let me help them or work with them, it's fun to feel like I'm accomplishing things.
Awesome event, so much happened in such a small period of time!

-Sirius star doing fun things. Can't wait to do more!
-Surprise letter from an old friend, (Wait York actually has those?!?!?!)
-Having an interrogation roo.... Office.
-Not really having a hand in any plot OOG but still feeling immersed in things happening IG.
-Mod with the celestialists... York has never been on one of those before.
-Having Katira accidently trigger.... things :whistle:
-Being Sheriffy
-Lion King elephant graveyard mod.
-twiglings, BURN THEM TO THE GROUND!!!

Fun stuff all around, can't wait to see how things progress.


Seattle Staff
Gandian Ravenscroft said:
~ EMPIRE PLOT! In-game, Gandian's got a lot of rage on the subject, but Alexander out of game is BEYOND HAPPY! Expect lots of followup stuff from me, Plot!

Darkcrescent said:
- Empire Plot. When we got the journal it was hard to be really excited OOG and at the same time really upset IG. I could see that with Alexander as well.

<3 You all. But you haven't gotten rid of me that easily!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Stana said:
Gandian Ravenscroft said:
~ EMPIRE PLOT! In-game, Gandian's got a lot of rage on the subject, but Alexander out of game is BEYOND HAPPY! Expect lots of followup stuff from me, Plot!

Darkcrescent said:
- Empire Plot. When we got the journal it was hard to be really excited OOG and at the same time really upset IG. I could see that with Alexander as well.

<3 You all. But you haven't gotten rid of me that easily!
Empire plot is some of my favorite plot EVER, and I was bummed when I thought it had come to a halt. I am super excited that it's still around, and Gandian will be doing lots of work with it (I have some fairly strange plans...).


-Running solo at the spiders, only to be turned away by an Arcane Fear. Resist Fear is definitely something I need to get soon to have epic battles.
-Fighting with reduced limbs against the elephants and hyenas. I had only one arm available for most of that fight.
-Getting a shove into the portal (did not jump!) from your friendly neighborhood Dark Elf, but thankfully only landing in the tavern with a fear of paper.
-Furthering Cho's RP addiction to Elemental magic and particularly Shanthony's reaction of "Do you even hear yourself?"
-Kendra being Kendra, but at least not killing Cho this time, only verbal mocking of lack of Barbarian resistance.
-Jonathan teaching Cho how to Waylay.
If Cho 'finishes' learning how to waylay before he can even Resist Fear and Elemental a little bit... (at least when Kendra's watching) I suspect he's not going to be long for this world... :twisted:


Some of my favorites:
Talking about designing an arena with other merchants
Fighting as a hyena
Bartering as a troll
Watching the first slug fight
Thank you plot staff and NPCs for making this such a great event! Seriously my favorite one yet!
*Kay.. York, Jon and Anthony. Best people in the world.
*The Slug mod.. It felt really good in the burning heat. But.. 4 people should not take on a slug. It takes WAAAY too long!
*Waking up from being unconscious and freaking out..only to freak Adric out of game thinking I was actually in trouble. I’m so sorry I freaked ya out, but it was so funny!
*Anthony saying there was a spider on my back and me screaming for dear life… Not cool. :p
*Pissing off Tim out of game…because I can.
*Jon exploding a head, and then referencing it the whole day and nobody knew what we were talking about
*Anthony and Katira having the sex talk. Only to be accused of having sex afterwards.
*Anthony trying to intimidate in York’s place… The funniest thing in the world. So adorable.
*The whole Elf mod thing was absolutely fun! A bit long, but super cool. Katira felt pretty cool and important. ;D
*Epic car rides with Adam… Poor guy.
*”Anthony.. stop being a lady.” – York. Hahaha. <3
*”I want to be more like you, York.” And York being all.. “Daww, no one’s ever said that.” She got him to smile and look all flattered! >:D


Chicago Staff
Miss_Katira said:
*Anthony saying there was a spider on my back and me screaming for dear life… Not cool. :p
I can't believe I forgot about that until now.


-The Slug mod: Roland sitting on the ground, hitting the slug, yelling "I'M THE GREATEST HERO IN THE LAND!"
-Hearing "Thank you NPCs" every time I left Monster Camp.
-A PC OOG telling me they had a lot of fun fighting me.


Thanks to everyone that made the one day such a success. I couldn't believe how many NPC's we had. Keep coming back. We love you!

Now onto my favorites in no particular order.

~Gypsy Plot! It's not very often that the familia has a real reason to band together.
~Singing with Talitha and Jamina in the earth circle.
~RPing with Cho Ko Nu and Davion...nothing bad could possibly come of it.
~Giving five Chinese finger traps to Shanthony and watching him struggle :twisted:
~Joking about drinking the sweat off of Rick and Ryan (Dure'dhel) giving me a purify.
~Fighting the slugs.
~Refusing to kill one of my friends and then the box killing Roy, Talitha, and Thorn becuase of it. Then asking Roy if I can kill him, doing it and it not counting...stupid box.
~Trying to steal from Talitha...once again stupid box.
~Finding out Jehyu's back story IG.
~Roy handing me six potions "There should be a cure light in there". Later giving one to Thorn right before he died to have it only be a magic armor. :pinch:
~All the other adventurers actively avoiding the Gypsies in the tavern when we were having our serious discussion.
~Yelling at the new Barbarian for not knowing how to fix his own armor.
~Fighting next to Cho Ko Nu thinking "we'll be fine" as we both take a slay. :pinch:

It's amazing how much we all got done in just one day!